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Investment Decision Process in the Indian Context 
Investment Decision Process in the Indian Context: The need for the workers` participation published in the book titled `self-management and workers` participation: Indo-Yugoslavia Experience published by the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises(SCOPE),1981, New Delhi.

The Indian Real Estate Market 
The Indian Real Estate Market – jointly with Prof. Dilip Kare, Chapter on India in the Book World property Atlas by Euromoney Publication, 1996.

Reforming the Reform Process 
Chapter on “Reforming the Reform Process” – in the book titled management Perspectives- Essays on Managerial Priorities and Management Education, edited by N.Balasubramanian, for IIMB, 1999.

Capital Asset Pricing Model(CAPM): The Indian Context 
Chapter pm “Capital Asset Pricing Model” in the book titled “Research papers in Applied Finance” by ICFAI, December 1999.

Pensions in Asia 
Chapter on “India” in the book on “Pension in Asia-Incentives, Compliance and their role in Retirement” by Hitotsubashi Universtity, Japan; January 2005.

International Pensions and Benefits-India
Chapter on “India” in the Tottel`s International Pensions and Benefits, by Tottel Publishing in UK in September 2005.

India Pensions: Prospects and Constraints
Chapter on “India Pensions: Prospects and Constraints” in the book on “India Insurance Report Series–Edited by H.Chaturvedi etc all — Allied Publishers Pvt Ltd. —2005.

Financial Convergence and Regulation
A chapter on “Financial Convergence and Regulation” in the book titled “Insurance Theory and Practice” edited by Dr. Tripathy and Dr. Pal published by Prentice-Hall India Private Limited —2005.

Make them Entrepreneurs Instead 
A Chapter on “Make them Entrepreneurs instead” in the book titled “Reservation and Private Sector – Quest for Equal Opportunity and Growth” edited by Sukhadeo Thorat, Aryama and Prashant negi published by Rawat Publications in association with Indian Institute of Dalit Studies–2005.


India Unincorporated
Published by ICFAI press, 2006

Indian Pension Systems: Facing the Future
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill for ING, 2006


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