Journal Publications – External Links

Investment Behaviour in Indian cigeratte industry
The Indian Journal of Statistics,1978, Vol. VII 39, Series C

Concentration,Controls and performance in Twenty-nine Manufacturing industries in India 
Indian Economic Review, Vo. XVII, Nos. 2-4

The role of Unincorporated Enterprises in the Indian Economy 
IIM-B Review, July-Dec. 1988, Vol.3, No. 2

A Weighted Cash Conversion Cycle 
Financial Management(Journal of Financial Management Association of USA), Vol.19, No.1, Spring 1990

Household Savings-Critique of National Statistics 
Fortune India-February 01, 1991

Estimation of Market Risk of Securities 
Banking Finance, Vol.V.No.7. July 1992

Structure of the Indian Economy and the relevance of the economic reforms 
IIM-B Management review, Vol.7,No.1, Jan-June 1992

Stock Market Returns and Vallan(Settlement Period) Effect 
Chartered Financial Analyst Dec 1993

Efficiency of the Indian Capital Market 
Indian Journal of Finance and Research, Vol. No.2, July 1995

Capital Asset Pricing Model The Indian Context 
The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance Vol. no. 2 – July 1995

Derivatives: A blue print 
Chartered Financial Analyst, January 1996

Share Buyback: Aspects and Implications 
IIMB-Management Review, Vol.8, No.1, Jan-Mar 1996

Valuation of Closely Held Companies: Theory and Practice 
The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 2, No.2, July 1996

The Indian Real Estate Market 
Euromoney, World Property Atlas, 1996

Shareholders: Caught in a Maze
Chartered Financial Analyst, Dec 1996

Whatever happened to Stock Markets 
Management Review, Vol. 8, No.3 & 4, July-Dec 1996

The Unincorporated Sector: Taxation Travails 
The Chartered Accountant, Vol XLV, No.11, May 1997

Stock Returns and Price to Book Value Ratio 
The ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 3, No. 2,July 1997

P/E Ratios and Stock Returns 
Management Accounting and Research, Vol.1, No.1, July-Sept 1997

Managing Trade Credit 
The Chartered Accountant, Vol XLVI, No.5, Nov 1997

Derivatives in the Indian context-need for caution 
Chartered Secretary, Vol. XXVIII, No.10, October 1998

Insurance Business- Investment Management 
The Chartered Accountant, February 1999

Reforming the Reform Process 
Silver Jubilee Research Volume of the IIM-B, March 1999

Asset-liability management: Issues and trends in Indian context 
ASCI Journal of Management

India’s Debt wish 
Chartered Financial Analyst, January 2000

Regulatory Framework for Investments of Insurance and Pension Funds in India: Emerging Scenario 
Management accounting and Research, Vol.4, No.1, July-Sept 2000, ICAI

Debt Markets 
Chartered Financial Analyst, December 2000

Pension Products for Self-Employed ( Bhagidari Sector ) in India 
The ICFAI Journal of APPLIED FINANCE, January 2001

Investing Insurance Funds 
The Chartered Accountant, January 2001

A Better Option 
Chartered Financial Analyst, March 2001

Port Folio Organizer November,2001

Indian Financial System: The Unorganized Sector 
Chartered Financial Analyst, December 2001

Whither DFIs 
Professional Banker, January 2002

“Universal Banking per se is not a sufficient condition for success.” 
Chartered Financial Analyst January 2002

Stock Markets: Are they Barometers of Our Economy 
Portfolio Organizer, January 2002

Financial Markets: Institutions and Regulations 
IIMB Management Review, June 2002

DCA should be more Pro-active and take a Re-look at the Penalty System 
Portfolio Organizer, September 2002

Pension Products for the Self Employed 
Forte Insurance Journal, September 2002

Impact of Credit Policy on the Indian Capital Markets 
Portfolio Organizer, December 2002

India-International Pensions and Benefits 
Chapter on India-Tolley`s International Pensions and Benefits, Butterworth Publishers, UK, Dec 2002

Rural Insurance: Prospects and Constraints 
Forte Insurance Journal, December 2002

Rural Insurance:Prospects and Constraints
FORTE Insurance Journal Jan, 2003

Indian Financial Sector : Need for Integration 
Chartered Financial Analyst, December 2003

India and China 
Portfolio Organizer, January 2004

Voluntary Pension Markets 
Insurance Chronicle, January 2004.

Should RBI Interfere ? 
Chartered Financial Analyst, June 2004

Mandatory Retirement Schemes 
Insurance Chronicle, September 2004

Retirement Plans for the Self Employed in US: Recent Developments 
IIMB Management Review, September 2004

Pensions: The International Experience 
IIMB Management Review, September 2004

Pension Business in India 
IIMB Management Review, September 2004

Pensions: Issues and Challenges 
IIMB Management Review, September 2004

Financial Sector Reforms Challenges Ahead
Chartered Financial Analyst December 2004

Investing in the stock Market
Business Gyan, Aug-Sept 2006

India Post: Leveraging Financial Services
FORTE Insurance Journal Sep,2006

Risk & Insurance.Declining  Joint Families Looming Crisis in Social Security
Risk & Insurance Vol.III, October 2006

GDP Estimation:The Role of the Service Sector
The ICFAI Journal, 2006

Financial Sector Reforms – Challenges Ahead
The ICFAI Journal, 2006

The Real Engines of Indian Economic Growth
The Edge Vol-V, 01 Jan 2008

Impact of the Institutional Investors on the market – A Survey
Indian Journal of Capital market April – June, 2008

Tax Havens:India Should place it on the Global agenda
Eternal India, March 2009

Get Back Money illegally Deposit
Eternal India ,April 2009

Whatever has happened to the G – World?
Eternal India, July 2009

India’s illegal wealth abroad is not just a Tax issue–Eternal India.pdf
Eternal India,July , 2009

Consolidation of Banks – Challenges Ahead
The Analyst, Oct 2009

Tax Havens Can de-stabilise Our Financial Markets
Eternal India, December 2009

Tax Havens – Financial Implications for India 
The Chartered Financial Analyst, Jan 2010

Integrate Credit Markets to Tame Inflation
Eternal India, February 2010

Foreign University Bill-Gifting India to the west The second Time.pdf
Eternal India, April 2010

Three Major Conflicts and India’s Strategy –Eternal india.pdf
Eternal India ,Sep , 2010

Indian Financial Markets -Need for Integration.pdf
Prime Data Base ,Oct 2010

INDIA Insurance Report Series – I Pensions in India:Prospects and Constraints
India Insurance Report Series – I

Gallows for the Retailer
Eternal India, January 2011

Offshore Tax Havens – Under Spotlight
The Analyst, Feb 2011

India Should Stop Foreign Funding of NGOs 
Eternal India May, 2011


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