More than 20 million Illegals to be made legal citizens by Subterfuge

Arizona in USA is in turmoil due to the legislation passed in the state about illegal immigrants mainly from Mexico and other Latino countries. It says that the cops can ask for papers if they suspect a person to be illegal and also the employers need to check the legal status. The bleeding heart liberals and other assorted type of leftists are up in arms. But the mainstream America wants to go ahead and curb illegal immigration.

But India is different. It carries the Athithi Devo Bhava to the extreme in terms of providing perfume to Kasab. The facts first. Census is a statutory exercise conducted under the provisions of the census Act 1948 and Rules made there under. National Population Register [NPR] is being created under the provision ship of citizenship Acts and rules.

It is claimed by the Government [Home Minister on May 27 in Parliament] that the present Census collects information for the later Preparation of National Population Register [NPR]. To be precise there is only a Population register under Citizenship rules [2003] and it also mentions about a National Register of Indian Citizens [NRIC]. The Difference is obvious and unfortunately mixed up by the Government.

The Census information by definition is confidential in terms of specifics and so there is no way the information collected can be used to verify nationality later. The Citizenship Rules direct that ‘during the verification process particulars of such individuals whose citizenship is doubtful shall be entered with appropriate remarks in the population register.” The current census enumerator is to fill the query number 11 about Nationality by asking the person enumerated.

It specifically mentions that “Please record the Nationality of the Respondent as declared by him/her for each of the person enumerated. Do not get into any argument with the respondent regarding this”. [Para 5.21.1 of General Instructions].This is the Weapon of Mass Destruction [WMD] smuggled in to the Census Structure to facilitate crores of illegal immigrants to be converted in to vote bank through citizenship.

When the citizenship rules ask for doubtful cases of citizenship to be identified and recorded, the Census manual to collect information under the very citizenship rules says “ do not doubt the respondent ;just record what he says”.

Incidentally anyone who has entered in to India six months prior to Census [Kasab is eligible under this category!] and any one intends to stay for six months after; becomes what is called “usual resident” under the census rules and they can declare as Indian citizens. Not only that Government is planning to issue “National Identity card” to these people even though these cards are meant only for Indian Citizens.

In a nutshell India is going to make more than 20 million [estimated by previous Home ministers] illegal immigrants [mostly from Bangladesh [–as Indian citizens within a few months. By this subterfuge India will be the only country in the world which not only welcomes illegal immigrants but also confers citizenship and National Identity cards to them.

We have seen how the election commission has been made ineffective and subservient to the Government of the day. We have seen how CBI has been misused to fulfill the whims and fancies of the Government of the day. We have seen how the political parties are eager to get votes under any circumstances and more eager to create vote banks.

We are now seeing the most important authority of our Republic namely Census commission used for political purposes to confer citizenship on illegal immigrants in a most blatant show of misuse of power.

We have the case of Subba from Assam who became Member of Parliament when not a citizen of India. We have porous borders and corrupt officials. These two constitute a deadly combination for disaster. But our Government is by a sleight of hand has decided to subvert the last remaining independent authority namely Census Commission by combining the so called national Population  register and Census count and by introducing this dangerous clause on citizenship  in an innocuous way.

The end result will be millions of illegal immigrants will become citizens of this country and millions more will be interested and encouraged to enter India. Already a section of intelligentsia in Bangladesh believes   that India is “Lebensraum” -adequate room for life or development.

[Additional land in Eastern Europe that the Nazi government claimed was necessary for the continued political and economic development of Germany]

Already we find that large portion of West Bengal Assam and Bihar and parts of UP are populated by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The correct procedure will be to identify them and deport them at best and at worst give them work permits or guest worker status and not voting rights or citizenship rights.

But we are going to do something lower than the worst. Namely provide them citizenship rights. It is high time that nationalist oriented Indians protest this and make Government cancel the citizenship tamasha and conduct only a census for now.

Since this will confer voting rights on millions and a huge constituency for some political parties; they will welcome it. But they should realize that the Frankenstein monster we are creating will devour them sooner than later.  Sooner than later there will be a clamor for reservation in Parliament to “Atithi or guest Citizens”.

A cabinet with Kasab /Headley and Sivarasan will be the most tragic part of the Indian Republic. But our media will still be debating whether Saree clad Deepika Padukone was more charming then the Aishwarya dressed in Gown in Cannes and our political leaders will continue to look for avenues to make money by corruption and try to find tax havens to store them.


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