NDTV/Prime time show based on my book India Unincorporated

For Information  to watch: Book as a serial:

A series based on my book  India Uninc –in NDTV profit/Prime with my interviews as introduction  on  27th[10/30PM]/2nd November[ 12 noon]and in  conclusion on  Oct 31st [ 10/30PM] / 16th Nov [12 noon] – Also  MoS-Ms. Nirmala  Sitharaman  

On every day from 27th to 31st at 10/30PM

And repeat at noon on 2/9/16 th November at 12 noon

Details below

Here are the details for the NDTV Prime/Profit show.


EPISODE 1 – Monday 27th 10.30 PM

Segment 1 –  Shot in APMC market, Vashi

  • Introduction to the series. What are Non-Corporate Small Businesses (NCSBs)?
  • Important statistics on NCSBs
  • Case studies
    • Shop owner
    • Vegetable seller inside the market
    • Small street vegetable seller
  • Interview with Kirti Rana, President, Navi Mumbai Merchant Chamber
  • Highlight the financing shortfalls faced


Segment 2 – Shot in IIM Bangalore

  • Interview Prof R Vaidyanathan, IIM Bangalore


EPISODE 2 – Tuesday-28th  10.30 PM

Segment 1 –  Shot at Crawford Market, Mumbai

  • Key statistics on Non Corporate Small Businesses
  • What kind of support are NCSBs getting from banks?
  • NCSBs share in total bank credit
  • Benefits to NCSBs by proper funding channels and low interest rates?
  • Case study of several stove & lanterns business owners

Segment 2

Interview with GM SBI SME Dept. – Dev Prasad Majumdar – on problems faced by Banks in lending to NCSBs


EPISODE 3 – Wednesday-29th 10.30 PM

Segment 1

  • Bringing in Govt. angle
  • FM budget speech byte
  • Intent of Govt., formation of Committee
  • Goals of the Committee
  • Voices of different people from the Oct 14th National Conference on Small Business Finance in New Delhi

Segment 2

  • Interview with Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister, MSME Ministry


EPISODE 4 – Thursday-30 th 10.30 PM

Segment 1

  • We will talk about the massive funding (both foreign and banks) that has gone into the corporate sector between 1991 and 2011 and increase in the contribution to GDP growth has not been much
  • Bank of Baroda Interview with ED, Ranjan Dhawan – about the problems banks face while lending to NCSBs and how can banks be enabled to increase lending.

Segment 2

  • Interview with Praveen Khandelwal – will talk about problems, possible solutions and agenda of the action committee
    • Details about Action Committee for Formal Finance to Non-Corporate Small Businesses
    • Possible solutions that are being examined
    • How will the new financial architecture be structured
  • Interview with Mahesh Bakhai, General Secretary, Stove & Lantern Association – talks about how the lack of credit is impacting small sellers and manufacturers and what are the possible solutions


EPISODE 5 – Friday-31st 10.30 PM

  • Interview MoS, Nirmala Sitharaman
  • Prof Vaidyanathan interview – Talking about the creation of a new financial architecture and what it entails.



Repeat Telecast schedule:-


2nd November (Sunday):

1st Episode : 12 pm to 12:30 pm

2nd Episode: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm


9th November (Sunday):

3rd Episode : 12 pm to 12:30 pm

4th Episode: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm


16th November (Sunday)

5th Episode: 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm


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