Response to NYT for their request for interview on Ford Foundation

Dear Professor Vaidyanathan,

I’m a reporter with the New York Times, and I’m writing a story on the recent news about the Ford Foundation. I wanted to talk to you about tax rules governing NGOs and foreign foundations as well as your reaction to this news. Please let me know if you’re available.


Nida Najar

The New York Times

Dear  Nida Najar,

Thanks for your mail and invite. I was travelling and hence the delay .

I am a regular reader of New York Times for the last nearly 20 years—earlier Print edition and now the Net one.

In the last two years I find the paper is more a views paper than a newspaper particularly with reference to India.

Articles/Blogs/News Reports all are biased in the coverage of India  and more like  Tabloids spewing venom on anything Indian. I presume the case about other developing countries also.

My own experience of my earlier interviews to your paper has not been satisfactory.

Under the circumstances I do not see much point in giving my opinion regarding this Ford Foundation issue since your paper will anyhow write what it wants—namely abuse Indian action.

I wish and hope that in the near future –your team covering India will be more balanced and go back to the earlier times when news and views were kept separate. Needless to add I will be delighted to share my views with you and other correspondents at that juncture.

Hope you understand and appreciate my position .

I am keeping the text portion of this communication in my website for friends to know my reluctance vis-à-vis NYT

Prof R. Vaidyanathan

Professor of Finance

Indian Institute of Management




  1. Vishal · · Reply

    Great reply Sir! And thanks for new term “Views-Paper”, goes with Indian media too.

  2. Shanks · · Reply


    Thanks for that. It accurately sums up the half truths and outright lies/omissions in their articles.

  3. nparamasivam1951 · · Reply

    “Articles/Blogs/News Reports all are biased in the coverage of India and more like Tabloids spewing venom on anything Indian. I presume the case about other developing countries also.”
    What more to add. You told everything in a nutshell. Great.

  4. mabhikik · · Reply

    Really appreciate yr response Sir… This biased agenda driven NYT needs to be shown a mirror at their face..

  5. Salute Sir!

  6. Nkm · · Reply

    Sathyemeva Jayathe.

  7. Manoj Saxena · · Reply

    Way to go Prof Vaidy….
    Manoj (a 1991 batch sufferer)

  8. V.Janakiraman · · Reply

    My Congratulations to Sri R. Vaidyanathan for his candid reply to NYT. It is essential that our journalistic friends follow this example

  9. Befitting reply sir !

  10. Dear Prof. Vaidyanathan, your reply to NYT correspondant is very correct. they will publish what they want and omit important points. I feel that the Ford foundation and carnegie melon foundation are meant to publish reports on other countries by using some of their countrymen settled in USA. I appreciate your non acceptance.
    Retd. Director, dept of Atomic Energy

  11. Malladi Pradyumna · · Reply

    Wonderful reply sir. We Indians should learn that these people only run propaganda on their papers. They keep praising china but will always insult and demean india. Only when india also becomes a rich country will they respect us.

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