Time has come to break the Government hold on Education

By Prof R. Vaidyanathan on 07 September 2016

Time has come to break the Government hold on Education

Systematic attempts have been made in the last few decades to completely destroy our educational system. First it was communist books imbibing communist values and totally ignoring leaders like Nethaji/Rash Behari/ Sardar Patel/Savarkar etc in our text books and focusing only on Nehru Khandan. This was possible due to historians loyal to the Nehru Family.

Then VP Singh brought about reservation for OBC’s in Education. Most of the kings in the Pre-1947 India were OBCs and India is the only country where erstwhile rulers got benefits out of “positive discrimination”. It became absurd as in Tamil Nadu where the reservation goes up to 69% and the population covered is more than 90%. In Tamil Nadu for instance in the last decade all the top hundred rankers are from reserved category and practically the quota idea has become a laughing matter.

Then came the “historic” Right to Education Act under UPA regime. Many feel that it is the brain child of Church run educational institutions to kill other educational institutions. This Act compels schools to have reservation up to 25% in schools for ‘poor and educationally backward children”. It is only for schools managed by Hindus not for Christian or Muslim or Parsee and other minority run schools. Also the act talks of “free” education for these children to be reimbursed by state under a Public /Private Partnership basis. Most State Governments have not reimbursed for years.

The race to claim minority tag has become virulent with Tulus in Karnataka becoming minorities and Telugus in Chennai claiming minorities. Lingayats—who run large number of educational institutions—claim that they are not Hindus but Veerashaivas and the most unbelievable case is that of Ramakrishna Mutt claiming that they are not Hindus. Primarily to come out of control of the then left Government in West Bengal. Even though fortunately that case was rejected by Supreme Court.

The whole situation is bizarre where in if you are Hindu then better not run any educational institution since you are controlled by Government unlike Church run institutions. Slowly we may have situation where in only Church run schools and colleges will be present in the private sector.

What is the way out for Hindu population? First and foremost the idea that Government will help in the process has to be given up. The government in India is a Socialist/Secular Government and any Government has to work under that preamble. State not only may not help any Hindu school but may coerce and make them bleed since other schools cannot be touched.

Hence time has come for Hindu owners /managers of schools who are still interested in running the institutions to think of innovative and revolutionary ways of dealing with the situation, First and foremost the idea of government recognition is obnoxious in this 21st century where Government recognition is a negative point for education. Government consists of semi-literate politicians and bureaucrats with bloated ego. Over and above it is corrupt to the core.

Hence schools should be able to proudly proclaim that “we are not recognized by any Government”. If the word School is not possible call it Gurukulams.

All schools should jointly form a quality or accreditation agency which should be the primary watch dog of quality of these schools. Similar system for colleges. If quality is good then employers will come in. If degrees are issues then Certificates of different levels can be given. Many universities are moribund and appointment of Vice Chancellors are based on cash and caste. So the existence of those institutions are irrelevant. They will be monuments of failure representing the secular/socialist India.

What is the main strength of the Government –more so state Governments. It is their ability to allot land for setting up new institutions. With development of Internet/Android etc. large tracts of land not needed for schools/colleges. For schools thrice a week meeting of children can be organized –even in the large halls or balconies of some of the parents.it is very important that government hold on education is broken completely and it becomes real knowledge centric systems and not cash /caste centric systems.

Most important point is ability of the Gurukulams to teach truthful history of our past and inculcate a sense of pride in being Indian. Over time the colonial genes may be modified and we may be less wired to whims of white man.

Deserving students can be given fees waiver [based on the decision of

parents/teachers/management] and if needed loans can be arranged for deserving ones from Non-bank Finance companies [existing and new ones started for such purposes].Most of the middle /upper class in India has opted for their own “enclaves “with power/water/security etc. Time has come to create similar educational enclaves unsullied by the Government.

This is only a preliminary draft of a possible future action. Needs substantial refinements and modifications.  But important point is that future education is in danger of being only with Church run groups. If that is considered as not desirable then this is the time to act. Government is a prisoner of the “secular” set up and completely impotent to help in this situation where future is bleak. Governments are run by rhetoric and vote-considerations and not by any concern about quality or about concern of future generations.



Views Personal—Author is a teacher for last 40 years in the field of Management



  1. Venkata Subramonyam · · Reply

    Respected Prof,
    After voting for Modi in 2014, and 2.5 years of Narendra Modi, it is very clear to me. You couldn’t have been more explicit, but for the record, I will paraphrase – “Government headed by Narendra Modi too consists of semi-literate politicians and bureaucrats with bloated ego. Narendra Modi headed Government is a prisoner of the “secular” set up and completely impotent to help in this situation where future is bleak. Narendra Modi headed Government is run by rhetoric and vote-considerations and not by any concern about quality or about concern of future generations.”

    Modi is busy running Sonia’s government for her when she is away, and trying to keep Railway stations a bit cleaner.

    How do we prepare for our lives after 2019 ?

    With regards,
    A disappointed Modi voter, and father of two kids at NPS.

    1. Murali Venugopal · · Reply

      Same here, except that I am NOT yet disappointed in the sense that I still have some hopes alive. I am too am seriously contemplating homeschooling like many other parents.

  2. Krishna · · Reply

    Excellent writeup sir………thanks for showing the way……..

  3. Murali Venugopal · · Reply

    Sir, unfortunately in this country whatever most people believe as secular is nothing but “Videshi Communal”.

  4. vijaya viswanathan · · Reply

    I have chosen to homeschool my children. They are 16,14 and have not been to school . I want holidays that matter to me (like to take off the morning for Vyasa Jayanti and Sanskara Jayanti as opposed to christmas and bakrid), want to teach Indian history which would examine popular myths, teach sanskrit at a higher level than the CBSE curriculum, and teach Sanskrit and Tamil (along with english) which cannot be done in the CBSE system since Hindi is compulsory. Too many rules – time to break them all and take charge as Prof. Vaidya says. Knowledge will make a person shine, regardless of certificates. I do not care if my kids get a degree and a Govt. stamp of approval. I use the internet effectively. My boys have have a teacher that teaches Sanksirt Kaavya from Srirangam, another scholar teaches vyakaranam from interior Karnataka; Physics and calculous are taught form Stanford university. A private American teacher teaches English. They will find a place in society as they will be taught to be life long learners. I have no anxiety about their future

    1. Madhava Menon · · Reply

      Excellenmt that you are capable of independent thought. I am sure there are others who think this way. There is a need for such persons to come together and offer an alternative dialogue

    2. Murali Venugopal · · Reply

      A courageous and sensible decision that I am contemplating myself. Wish you good luck.

  5. Prof. Dr. R. Chandra Sekaran · · Reply

    The Author is silent in his views on Minority Institutions run by Hindus. No clear cut solution advocated. Prof. Dr. R. Chandra Sekaran

    1. Madhava Menon · · Reply

      Why don’t you offer a solution sir? It can be well out of the present system of rote learning on a syllabus tailored to exclude everything “Indian” and promotion of Mughal/Congress “history.

  6. Great thoughts. If government approval is not there, how will the students enter college? Also, how will they be able to appear in Board exams?

    1. Madhava Menon · · Reply

      Why are you restricting your thoughts to college education which is govt “approved”? Why not think outside the box.?

  7. Natarajan Ramgopal · · Reply

    In providing reservations in educational institutions must be for all educational institutions including any minority institution

    It is a known fact that people try to take advantage of legal loopholes to divert the law and there is no equality of all citizens before law and only the most majority HINDUS have been the foolish sufferers

    Prof R Vidyanathan has a point and right thinking people must support

    Natarajan Ramgopal

  8. It was reported some years ago when RTE was first being brought in that several hindu schools were forced to shut down. Why on earth did they do that? Because they lost recognition from the Christian dominated Sonia regime? Why on earth does a school need “recognition” from any govt to teach Indian values, Indian medicine, Indian scriptures, Indian concepts of elders & family, Indian morals, Indian sports, Indian alternates for health? What stops these schools from just going ahead and doing all this and more?

    Why don’t people like you Professor, who are in a position to do so, take the lead in this? I assure you I will help, and I am sure there are many others who will feel so inclined to contribute.

    1. I think how education is produced, distributed and consumed is going to change in a big way with MOOC – many reputed universities themselves are feeling the changing paradigm shift in education and we might well see the standard brick and mortar universities become obsolete as we move into the next decade. Power might shift from the universities to the consumers of education as the internet provides a platform that so many can access

  9. […] Source: Time has come to break the Government hold on Education […]

  10. bhupinder · · Reply

    education is base of any mind \development, it should be inspiration,character building and compassion generating of cooperation,mind elightment,but english is totally anti bharat,generating ill will towards native ,inferiority complex and disharmonising family, value system,pushing towards i a s ips,syndrome utopian competition

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