Author is Cho S Ramaswamy Visiting Chair Professor in the area of Public Policy at Sastra University and Retired Professor of Finance and Control at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Areas of interest are Corporate Finance, Investments, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Pensions and Un-incorporated Sector.


FPM (Fellow Programme in Management), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India

M.Stat Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India

B.Sc. Loyola College, Madras, India



  1. fakeergandhi · · Reply

    Oh, the best article on FDI. TWITTED.

  2. Wish you all the best inaugurating your website that many truly long to know your wisdom on hot topics afflicting the country.

  3. “Teacher who is interested in learning.” Wow Title!

    I love your Ganesha icon 🙂

    A website befitting such a distinguished and accomplished person will be very well appreciated and benefited by one and all.

    My best wishes to you sir 🙂

    Sushima Shekar

  4. A long awaited website Sir. Your down-to-earth language to convey difficult concepts and issues of the economy is well appreciated. Your service through this website is the need of the hour. My best wishes.
    Jayasree Saranathan

  5. P.Sriganesh · · Reply

    Good to read!

  6. T.Padmhasini · · Reply

    Can I have your email id

  7. Vasan Ramaswamy · · Reply

    Sir , I have sent you an email. I request you to advice.

  8. Hardeep Singh · · Reply

    Sir, Came to know of an eminent personality like you through Dr. S Swamy’s Twitter page. Happy Birthday and God Bless you

  9. when i was in school i read a quote of lataji means sucess and meaning of jevan to to learn always . you are also saying some thing similar to this very appealing

  10. Nitish Parameswaran · · Reply

    Your simplicity is all pervasive.

  11. manohar · · Reply

    Hi Sir,

    Did you wirite below artical, it was great.



  12. Ashish · · Reply

    Dear Mr Vaidyanathan

    I am reqading your book India Uninc, with focus on the underlying philoshy (not so much on the data part) and have to state that if if economic polcies are made with India Unic as a cornerstone and not Media Headlines grabbing events or news, it would go long way in real progress of India.
    I am very glad and feel honoured to have come acorss your book in particular and your philosophy in general.


  13. Retesh Vatrana · · Reply

    Your concluding comments summarize past and future of World powers wonderfully – “India understands heterogeneity much better than the homogenization process of globalization thrust by the Weston the rest. Indian globalization is based on acceptance and not tolerance. That is the difference. That is the real Globalization. That alone will work.”

  14. Sanjay S D · · Reply

    Professor sahab namaste,
    Great reading, minds like you are connectors to our atith, our leaders ever since independent have kept us disconnected.

  15. KG Mohan · · Reply

    Respected Sir, would like to invite you to address the students of Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Muddenahalli, Chikaballapura.

    Could you please share your contact details – email id and contact number for us to send you a formal mail invite.

    1. rvaidya2000@gmail.com; 9742221357 is my WA number

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