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Dealing with Pak

Prof. R Vaidyanathan  on 12th July 2017 Let us be blunt—Pak is winning the war of “thousand cuts on India” successfully. It has killed many of our army personnel without using its army directly. It has enough terrorists-cockroaches both inside Kashmir valley and in Pok. It can go on sending them to martyrdom with very […]

Prof R. Vaidyanathan & Rajiv Malhotra on the Global and Local Economic Mess

By Prof R Vaidyanathan on 03rd July 2017 Link:


Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 8th July 2017

Black money and Tax havens- E Book

A brief introduction to “Black money and Tax havens” — This E book  is the  trailer to my main book– to be released in August.

Current Conflict Is Essentially Between Global and Local

By Prof R.Vaidyanathan on 24th April 2017 The western world view has dominated for the last 200 or so years and hence their idea of “modern man’ is accepted as the “idea”. It is supposed to transcend territories and cultures. It assumes that “one size” fits all and enunciates “one model” works for all. In […]

Democrat-Republicans, Republican-Democrats, Trump’s Wall and Crude – all in a chat with Prof RV

Democrat-Republicans, Republican-Democrats, Trump’s Wall and Crude – all in a chat with Prof RV

Mobiles May Make Banks Extinct

By Prof R.Vaidyanathan on 17th April 2017 The mobile phone is now being used for small-time financial activities, such as information on prices, billing settlements, etc. We have service providers like Air Tel/Jio providing internet based TV channels which will provide competition to Dish TV /Tata sky etc .Over period of time satellite based TV […]

The Craze for Big banks

 By Prof R. Vaidyanathan on 05th April 2017 Now the clamor is for big; bigger and biggest. Particularly in the banking sector. After the merger of subsidiaries with SBI there is a talk of merging other banks. The chief of Kotak opines that five banks will only remain in future. This craze for big banks […]

Prof RV speaks about Corruption in High Places

Prof RV speaks about Corruption in High Places

EU—R.I.P –1993-2018

The idea of Europe or “Project Europe” as it used to be called had its origins in the post second world war situation when some countries felt need for peace and deeper cooperation. French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman presented a plan for deeper cooperation in 1950. This was essentially for control of Steel and Coal […]