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Black Money And Tax Havens Book Release In Chennai

Black Money and Tax Havens book release in Chennai on 6th October 2017 at 6.30 PM by R Thyagarajan and S Gurumurthy                    

Estimating the illicit funds in Global Tax havens by Prof. R. Vaidyanathan, IIM-B on 22nd April, 2015 The financial crisis of 2008 had an interesting collateral benefit for many emerging economies. Developed countries like Germany/ France/ USA etc. have begun to look at closely the illicit tax avoided funds kept by their citizens in various tax havens. This is because there was […]

India UnInc: Crushed by the State but can’t be brushed aside! –Book Review According to Prof Vaidyanathan, soon we would have to strengthen and facilitate our small business that contributes a huge 45% to the Indian economy and this would help in better employment and society R Vaidyanathan, the professor of Finance at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B), in one-of-its-kind and in-depth well researched study, delves into India Unincorporated by presenting a persuasive […]

Book Launch Invite- 19th February 2014 – Chennai

Book release at Madras Management Association

Book Launch Invite – Delhi – 14th February 2014

Invitation – Book Launch –  Delhi

“Global Economic Crisis : Implications for India”

Talk by Prof.Vaidyanathan

Book Launch Invite – Bangalore

India Uninc

Q&A | R. Vaidyanathan – Livemint interview

A forthcoming book looks at the share of partnership and proprietorship firms in the national economy The ‘Uninc.’ story: To R. Vaidyanathan, professor of finance at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, it seems absurd that the largest component of the national economy is often “not an area of focus for planners and economists”. This “non-corporate” […]

Art of Giving: Warren Buffet to be told

Below is an extract from R Vaidyanathan’s forthcoming Book India Uninc, published by Tata Westland. The Indian ethos of giving has been much misunderstood and not stressed on sufficiently enough. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been the recipients of much praise, while Indian pioneers like Dyal Singh Majithia are sadly forgotten. The visits of Bill […]

Leveraging on the Mobile Phone Revolution

Extracted from the forthcoming Book “ India UNINC” published by TataWestland  The impact of telecommunications on the self-employed and more particularly among the poorer groups has not been fully understood or appreciated. Mobile phones have created a sort of tsunami among lower level entrepreneurial groups like plumbers, carpenters, masons, small time construction contractors, painters, cooks, […]