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While the nation’s newspapers, journals, business magazines, TV channels and the internet continue to churn out reams, airtime and gigabytes of information about India’s business houses—India Inc.—in this one-of-its kind book, Prof. R. Vaidyanathan delves deep into India Uninc. and presents a persuasive case for why the latter is really what is at the heart […]

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I have known Prof. R. Vaidyanathan for nearly fifteen years. He did an exhaustive study on the Non-Banking Finance Sector a decade ago which was in a sense an eye-opener for many of us in the industry. The study established that the Non-Banking Financial Sector involving large companies and small moneylenders plays a very important […]

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Praise for India Uninc.  1)      This book provides a much needed analysis of India’s vast non-corporate sector. Prof. Vaidyanathan offers an excellent overview of previous debates, and writes with clarity and insight on the trends and reforms that have touched this sector, how people within it cope, and what more needs to be done.   […]

Indian Economic Growth – The Untold Story

Kindly observe that , of the household Finance Savings (FS) bank savings constitute nearly 60% , PF and Insurance constitutes 33%, Investments in share market is less than 5%.    Table 5.1 :Composition of House Hold Savings 2004 to 2012[%] Item 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 GDS to GDP at factor cost […]

Indian Economic Growth – The Untold Story

We observe that FII and FDI put to-gather is less than 10% of the Gross Domestic Savings. Our Growth is due to Domestic savings and that too household savings [households include other than pure consuming households-Proprietorship/Partnership firms also]   Table 4.2: Savings and Capital Formation           [Rs. Crore]   1994 -95  2000-01 2004-05 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 […]

Handbook of Hindu Economics and Business

Oxford University Press, New York had refused to Publish this  due to pressure from left leaning academics in USA:  You can order the Book here (Click on this link) Handbook of Hindu Economics and Business Authored by Prof Hrishikesh D Vinod The innovative Handbook offers 23 state-of-the-art peer-reviewed essays by leading international authorities summarizing evidence-based […]

India Growth: The untold story –Caste as social capital

                                              1. Introduction Indian economy has been growing at a compounded average growth rate [CAGR] of more than 8.5 percent in the last five years. [1].The largest segment of the economy namely the […]

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Investment Decision Process in the Indian Context  Investment Decision Process in the Indian Context: The need for the workers` participation published in the book titled `self-management and workers` participation: Indo-Yugoslavia Experience published by the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises(SCOPE),1981, New Delhi. The Indian Real Estate Market  The Indian Real Estate Market – jointly with Prof. […]