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Dealing with Pak Taliban

It is no more a question of if, but when. My assessment is that there will be a Talibanised government in Pakistan within two to three years, after a prolonged civil war. Pakistan is currently a ferocious Doberman held on a leash by the US, and fed with exotic bones. It was meant to bark […]

Move proactively as world pressure on tax havens mounts

A small news item from the Press Trust of India dated December 13 read thus: “Billions of dollars of laundered drug money and cash from other illegal activities kept the global banking system afloat at the peak of the financial crisis, the United Nations’ drugs and crime tsar has said. Antonio Maria Costa, head of […]

Enemies of the Republic

Assume that Kasab and other terrorists attacked only the Chhatrapati Shivaji Train station and, say, Dharavi slums. The reaction of the elites would have been one of commiseration. But they attacked the core of Indian business that shook the Page Three crowd. The entire media and State sprung into action.The Federation of Indian Chambers of […]

Caste as social capital

Caste is back. It is likely to be part of the 2011 census. It was part of the decennial censuses between 1881 and 1931. Of the 1929 castes aggregated in the 1881 census, 1126 [58%] had population of less than 1000; 275 less than ten. A large number of them were single member castes. The […]

Abrahamic civil wars

The three children of Abraham, namely followers of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths, have been fighting and waging war for the last two centuries.Many terms like crusade, jehad, radical Islam, paganism, and kafir have become a part of contemporary discussion, thanks to the Abrahamic hold on contemporary debate.Of the three, the two younger children […]

A. J.P.C. on tax havens

The Indian Premier League (IPL) did not start with Sunanda Pushkar. It has been around for more than three years. The relationship between IPL franchises and tax havens is not something new. But the investigative hounds were unleashed after the exit of minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor. Initial findings by the finance […]

Husain & Khushboo

Two rebels without a pause and two different resolves and results. That is the saga of MF Husain and actress Khushboo. When Husain asked for and got the citizenship of Qatar— an honorary citizenship is only conferred — there was furore among left liberals. The usual suspects on TV studios were aghast and upset. There […]

Should we bail them out?

The government has decided to open up the education sector, particularly of the higher education variety, to foreign universities and a bill is expected to be introduced in Parliament in the current session. It is a continuation of our decision earlier to provide more than Rs50 crore to Cambridge and Harvard universities. For Cambridge it […]

RBI must ensure daily interest on savings a/cs from April 1

A passing observation by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor in the annual policy statement for 2009-2010 made on April 21, 2009, is important and reveals how the banking system is taking the common customer for a big ride in terms of making them lose a significant amount of interest from the savings bank accounts. […]

Fake currency notes can destabilise our economy

There was a small news item a few days ago about ink used in printing currency missing in transit. According to the report, a consignment of OVI intaglio ink was sent from the Swiss SICPA unit in Sikkim to the Reserve Bank Note Mudra unit in Mysore and about 5 kg ink was found to […]