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India Should Stop Foreign Funding of NGOs -External link

The NGOs in India form a large economic sector called third sector, that is, neither Government nor private. Although Expected to be value-based organisations, the types of activities they indulge in are mind-boggling. Substantial funding of these bodies is foreign. The motive of the donor nor the usage of funds is never properly investigated. It is also amazing that the number of people employed by them […]

Gallows for the Retailer

The talk of the time is retail revolution. It is a revolution which is applauded by the planners,encouraged by the Government and eagerly talked about by the experts. One group of experts feels that without FDI the revolution may not even be of global standards. That is, opening up the country to global and domestic sharks […]

Three Major Conflicts and India’s Strategy

The contemporary world is witnessing conflict within Abrahamic traditions; conflict between Abrahamic traditions and the rest like Buddhism, Hinduism and indigenous civilizations; and conflict between modern and Abrahamic traditions and the rest. The essential aspect of Abrahamic traditions is homogenization in terms of set of beliefs and way of living…Continue….      

Foreign University Bill-Gifting India to the west The second Time

The English have not taken India;we have given it to them. They are not in India because of their strength but because we keep them. Hence it is truer to say that we gave India to the English than that India was lost” – MahatmaGandh in Indian Opinion during the British rule a hundred years ago.Today the […]

Integrate Credit Markets to Tame Inflation

The mostly unorganized and non-corporate sectors like transport and trade constitute major drivers of economic growth in India. Yet, by and large, they have no legitimate channels to access credit, and come to depend on the too costly non-banking financiers that also include money-lenders at the bottom level of the private money market where rates are sky-high. Eventually,reduced […]

Tax Havens Can de-Stabilize our Financial Markets

The recent disclosure on the second quarter growth rate for the financial year 2009-2010 has brought lots of cheer among policy planners and investors. Quarterly GDP at factor cost at constant (1999-2000) prices for Q2 of 2009-10 is estimated at Rs. 8,34,780, as against Rs. 7,73,850 crore in Q2 of 2008-09, showing a growth rate of 7.9 per cent […]

Whatever has happened to the G – World?

Throughout the seventies and eighties it was globalization[ The G word] of manufacturing facilities that is Product Markets. The anecdotal evidence often told in many a business school classrooms used to be something like this. The doors of the Ford car are made in Barcelona and the seat cushions near Budapest and gearbox in the suburbs of […]

India’s illegal wealth abroad is not just a Tax issue

The average amount stashed away from India annually during 2002-06 was $27.3 billion. It means during the five-year  period, the amount parked in different tax havens, including Switzerland, was $136.5 billion. The share of Swiss banks in the dirty money from India is at least one-third, due to historical and geographical reasons. These illegal funds lying in tax havens are not just related […]

Get Back Money illegally Deposit

India should joins hands with different world bodies, including G-20, to address the issue of safe tax havens across the globe. If a deal comes through between the G-20 and different tax havens, particularly Switzerland, the efforts to recover Indian monies illegally stashed away abroad can be hugely successful.These illegal funds,if brought back to India, can tremendously boost our foreign exchange reserves and facilitate infrastructure […]

Tax Heavens:India Should place it on the Global agenda

Barack Obama is concerned about it, Merkel is furious about it and Sarkozy wants to regulate it but the leaders of one of the most affected country namely India is not saying or doing anything about them. They are the Tax havens or off-shore financial centers where the ill gotten wealth of tax evaders of many countries is hoarded. […]