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Revolt of the Masses

Re blogged from – David Brooks JUNE 28, 2016   Anybody who spends time in the working-class parts of America (and, one presumes, Britain) notices the contagions of drug addiction and suicide, and the feelings of anomie, cynicism, pessimism and resentment. Part of this pain arises from deindustrialization. Good jobs are hard to find. […]

108,000 Temples and Their Locations in India

Reblogged- 108,000 Temples and Their Locations in India The number of Hindu temples in India is a puzzle. Nobody bothered to count them, because they are innumerable. Moreover Hindus are not that keen to record such immaterial things. But days are changing. “Our children living in western countries ask such questions and embarrass us,” says […]


Very useful information about your health   Time Meridian Function 1:00 – 3:00 am Liver The liver gets down to the work of apportioning the day’s nutrients and detoxifying the day’s toxin load. Deep resting and dreaming also occurs during this time and it is the worst time to eat as the Small Intestine meridian […]

Brief look at the history of temples in IIT Madras campus

Aranganin Pathaiyil– Tracing the 48 year journey of Sri Ranaganatha

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Statue of Unity – Sardar Patel – Architect of modern united India.

Sardar Patel’s memorial will be the tallest,beyond comparison, reminding every onlooker not only of the Freedom struggle but of the story of a United India. It will be a constant inspiration towards fulfilling the dreams of Suraaj(Good Governance). ……..More……..