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Returning to old pension scheme may not be easy

Reblogged- Experts say it will leave the State government without funds given its present financial position : Opposition to the New Pension Scheme (NPS) continues in Tamil Nadu with political parties backing the demand of the State government employees to revert to the Old Pension Scheme (OPS). However, there is considerable uncertainty over whether it […]

MUDRA Bank: The indigenous financial engine S Gurumurthy , March 4, 2015 Ingenious, innovative, this idea whose time has come holds the answers to India’s economic puzzles The media discourse on MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) proposed in Budget 2015-16 has not yet fully revealed the theoretical depth and practical wisdom behind the idea. It is a potential […]

The Hindu/Sastra University Panel discussion on 14-02-2015 by Prof. Vaidyanathan on 14/02/2015

Rather than reservation in private sector Make the entrepreneursinstead

The Government’s focus should be on making entrepreneurs out of large segments of civil society, especially those belonging to Scheduled Castes/Tribes or Other Backward Classes, rather than providing limited job opportunities in listed companies. This will go along way in enhancing the economic and social status of these segments. A DEBATE is currently raging in […]

India should strengthen its database

Given the lack of detailed data on the unorganised sector, much of the discussion on the economy is centred on India Inc, resulting in a distortion in policy formulation and deficiencies in resource allocation. The setting up of the National Statistical Commission is thus good news, hoping that it will oversee the building up of […]

Billions worth of Indian wealth in Swiss banks

Billions of dollars of Indian wealth could be stuck in Swiss bank accounts simply because of the absent-mindedness of their original account holders. Apart from the money that living tax evaders may have stashed away in tax havens, there is a large chunk that is irretrievable simply because those who originally parked the money in […]

Education loans — Needed, a fresh and sustainable model

If education is to play the role of equaliser across class segments and if learning has to be acquired by borrowing, institutions and regulations in the sector must be strengthened so that repayments are made correctly and on time, suggesting a mechanism to ensure this. Some news reports suggest that the HRD Ministry is toying […]

Alienating people from elections

No takers for campaign-ware… The involvement of common people in elections is a must in ensuring a proper participatory democracy in a country such as India. The Election Commission’s zeal to enforce the code of conduct may make for discipline and rigour in the conduct of polls, but it has put a host of small […]

Why sub-prime is not a crisis in India

The amounts in the form of black money are large and mostly invested in real-estate and gold, two major areas of passion for the Indian middle-class. As long as a good portion of our economy and asset financing is by black income we need not worry about sub-prime. Just like our fashion industry is affected […]

Why reforms fatigue has set in

There is silence among State-level leaders about any reforms in their domain. They want only a larger share of Central resources. This will decelerate growth rates and increase inflation as many State governments have stopped short of real governance. One of the important management dictums is to first undertake the toughest task and then proceed […]