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Time to get back India’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

Adequate steps must be taken to open up the closed vaults of the tax havens to get our money back. The amount involved can be at least ten times our current GDP and can be used to write off the loans of all marginal farmers. This is the real sovereign wealth of our country belonging […]

Why Participatory Notes are dangerous

Participatory Notes are a slap on the face of every citizen who is an investor. To invest in shares one has to fill up umpteen forms and provide proof of residence, PAN number, and so on. But for PN investors, the system is totally silent, even on basic information. Why not have confidence in the […]

Should Government continue to monopolise household savings?

A substantial part of household savings should be harnessed for the growth of SMEs, argues, suggesting it is time the domestic non-bank sector got the recognition it deserves and an agency for its development. Only then can savings be channelled to foster SMEs at the local level, paving the way for growth with a human […]

Was there discrimination in education?

India’s success in knowledge-related sectors in the last few years vis-À-vis traditional manufacturing industries highlights the need for more institutions of higher learning that are not governed by perceptions regarding the past. The answer lies in the “enquiring mind” that provides opportunities to disadvantaged sections based on facts and not on myths. Maybe the time […]

Increasing disconnect between economy and stock market

The country’s capital market is increasingly influenced by global developments because of the active participation by FIIs and big corporates’ growing appetite for global borrowings. This is leading to a widening disconnect between the stock market and the economy, which is expected to grow at more than 9 per cent in coming years. The traditional […]

Interesting challenges of PF schemes

A management and regulatory framework must be created to make the mandatory Provident Fund/pension schemes earn more. This will reduce the noise and debate about the interest rates. R. VAIDYANATHAN looks at the operations of the PF schemes, and to manage their burgeoning corpus suggests a Temasek Holdings-like organisation. One key question hanging fire for […]

Remittances versus FDI/FII Hats off to the emigrant worker

It is imperative that the country recognises the important role played by its workers, blue- and white-collared, on foreign shores in providing a phenomenal amount of foreign exchange that is stable and not volatile like portfolio and direct investments, says R. VAIDYANATHAN. The size of Foreign Direct Investment flows has become a measure of the […]

Should India be filling West’s demographic gap?

Facing a severe demographic deficit, the Western countries may offer various incentives to the youth from countries such as India that have a vast, young population. If this trend is to be reversed, India must ensure better living conditions for its Generation Next through high quality infrastructure, especially education and health-care, and a corruption-free administration. […]

India need not fear a rising rupee

An appreciating rupee shows the strength of the economy and it will be folly to keep it rained-in. It would also be an insult to the great savers of the nation the ordinary householders.  ON April 16, the rupee quoted at its nine-year high against the dollar at 41.86 and it is expected to breach […]

Private equity funds – Hedging the capital market?

The future will see a capital market in which companies will be listed and not shares. Private equity funds and hedge funds will compete to buy companies at the market-quoted prices and then re-distribute it as portfolios to reduce the risks. The phenomenal growth of private equity and hedge funds has generated awe and fear […]