“Why India should not play US card with China”

Listen to R Vaidyanathan, Professor at IIM-Bangalore, who tweeted “Advance Alert: The move by Modi to actively engage China/Japan has rattled established global order – every day Cong(ress) will obstruct Parlmnt(Parliament)!!”.–youtube link ( NitiCentral/status/ 489382718132600833)

Art of Giving: Warren Buffet to be told

Below is an extract from R Vaidyanathan’s forthcoming Book India Uninc, published by Tata Westland. The Indian ethos of giving has been much misunderstood and not stressed on sufficiently enough. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have been the recipients of much praise, while Indian pioneers like Dyal Singh Majithia are sadly forgotten. The visits of Bill […]

Dealing with domestic black money is the need of the hour

Whenever there is a discussion on black money, there is a genuine mix up about domestic black money and black or illicit money kept by Indians in tax havens. These two needs to be dealt in different ways. Some part of domestic black money is used in productive activities like real estate, trade, construction, mining, […]

How UPA killed engines of economic growth

The growth rate of our economy has declined from around 8 per cent in the mid part of decade to nearly 5.5 per cent and is expected to be less than 5 per cent in this fiscal year. The Government and economists ascribe this to global slowdown as well as delayed decisions in acquiring land […]

Chit funds explained: Facts vs fiction

The Saradha scam in West Bengal has created a storm and the murky multi-level marketing scheme of the group — helped and sustained by political leaders and other godfathers — is repeatedly and erroneously described as the ‘Chit Fund Scam’. This would be hilarious but for its ominous implications for the chits industry. Saradha had […]

Gold drives our traditional economy, must not be curbed

India is one of the largest buyers of gold in the world. More than 90 per cent of this is for jeweler purposes. Table 1 gives the purchase of gold for jewellery by different countries. Indian demand is around 25 per cent of global consumption. Recently, the attraction of smuggling has come down due to […]

Without a strong database, strong policies are useless

There are many aspects of economy and society where reliable and timely data are not available and it is unfortunate that major policy formulations are made by the Central and State Governments based on meager and unreliable figures. That India, which has produced such doyens of statistics as DD Kosambi, PC Mahalanobis, RC Bose, and […]

Our distorted Secular vs Communal debate

The debate on secularism in our context is completely superficial and also perverse. Let us recall that secularism was not part of our original constitution and was interpolated during emergency by Indira Gandhi Government. So it does not have legitimacy along with socialism which was also inserted. Then the communists and more so Lohia socialists […]

Strong leadership is the solution to our ills

  In a recent speech at a CII conference Rahul Gandhi made an observation that our problems are complicated and it needs a grass-root level solution. He added that waiting for a man to come on a white horse to solve our problems may be futile. This is a standard argument of large number of […]

Congress won’t crack down on illegal money – Part 2

The whole issue is becoming curiouser and curiouser. But later the Government, in a brazen manner says the recovery of tax arrears of about Rs 91,000 crore from stud farm owner Hassan Ali Khan is not possible. “In Hassan Ali Group, the recovery is not possible though all known immovable and moveable assets belonging to the group have […]