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A controversy that is often simulated

We in the academic professions often tell our students that unasked for answers are not substitutes for unanswered questions. The article by A Faizur Rahman ‘Islamic monotheism is not under threat’ (TNIE, November 11) in response to an earlier one by S Gurumurthy ‘How did it turn unsafe?’ (TNIE, November 9) falls under this category. […]

Unanswered Questions and Unasked for Answers

We in the academic professions many a time tell our students that unasked for answersare not substitutes for unanswered questions. The article by A Fazlur Rahman [11-11-09]to an earlier one by S. Gurumurthy [09-11-09] exactly falls under this category.The issues raised in the original article are four fold.…..More……    

Who will regulate the Human Rights Business?

When a group of my MBA students couple of years ago wanted to join some NGO’s I was bit surprised. This was before the global melt down. I was surprised since the dream jobs in those days were from global consulting firms and investment banks. But my students are always ahead of the curve. They know about sunrise industries. They were right. The NGO industry is one of […]

Soft power to ‘conquer and dominate’

Religion is no longer derided in China. The keynote speech by Communist Party general secretary Hu Jintao to the 17th party congress in October 2007, devoted a paragraph to religion. He stressed that religious people including priests, monks and lay believers played a positive role in the social and economic development of China. Hence religion […]

China’s Migraine is India’s K –Valley Balm

The ex-secretary of State of USA, Madeline Albright correctly called Pakistan as the international migraine. But she did that recently much after her official tenure. She was not wrong in calling Pakistan by that name, except she was very late. These are the “war” veterans namely “Wise After Retirement”. Now China is having its migraine […]

The lost horizon of the emperors

AT every seminar on financial matters these days, there’s one question that lingers — even during the coffee breaks: will the economy recover, and when? And, it isn’t about the Indian economy but that of the US. I reiterate it will take at least 40 quarters — that’s a decade — for America to recover. […]

Aussie style Supari—pay to get Killed

 What we need is protection, not tips The parents and relatives of the Indian students in Australia take out a protest rally in Amritsar on Friday against the recent racist attacks on their Indian students in Australia make a massive contribution to the Australian economy. It is estimated that one lakh Indian students are studying […]

Racist Aussies and Crazy Indians—New Type of Supari

It is estimated that one lakh Indian students are studying in Australia and most of them pay hefty fees for the courses. Assuming each student spends around Rs 20 lakhs for a two year course including all expenses –as a conservative estimate—it comes to Rs 20,000 Crore being spent by Indian students in Australia. For […]

Obama as President of USA: We have seen it all

The election of Obama as the 44th President of USA was made a big news in India as if he was elected Prime minister of India. Every news paper and Television Channel went berserk and some calling it as revolution some as renaissance and some even suggesting that we should introspect and learn from his […]

Stop this Humbug called “Kashmir is hurt”

It is fashionable for the bleeding heart liberals {BHL] in India to talk out of turn and use POTA [Pulled out of Thin Hair] data to justify their  rantings. They fail to recognize the thin line between being a liberal and a subversive and often forget the English word called — democracy. The lumpen liberals […]