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Shamelessness is paraded as Modern

There has been an explosion of Modernism or, to quote a TV anchor, “the sublime assertion of modern thinking” in the last few weeks. One was the celebration by homosexuals after a Delhi high court ruled that homosexuality is not a criminal activity. As if society any time considered it criminal. Society considered it a […]

Secular assault on the Sacred

There was a small news item dated 4 August 2009 in some newspapers, stating that the prosecution witnesses in the case pertaining to the Kanchi seer are turning hostile and the case itself might be revealed to be a foisted one. The time period for which a sacred institution has been humiliated and the assault […]

Humbug over Kashmir ‘hurt’

It is fashionable for bleeding heart liberals in India to talk out of turn, using pulled-out-of-thin-air data to justify their ranting. They forget the thin line between being a liberal and a subversive, and often forget the word ‘democracy.’ Lumpen liberals like the one-book wonder known as Arundhati Roy (who proudly proclaimed in America a […]