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Dealing with Pak

Prof. R Vaidyanathan  on 12th July 2017 Let us be blunt—Pak is winning the war of “thousand cuts on India” successfully. It has killed many of our army personnel without using its army directly. It has enough terrorists-cockroaches both inside Kashmir valley and in Pok. It can go on sending them to martyrdom with very […]

The absurdity of Personal Income Tax Declarations: Tycoons pay peanuts

On 06th October 2016 Let us call it as Z Family –  One of the richest in the country Relationship Income AY 2013-14 Tax paid Mother Rs.1.6 Crores Rs.34 Lakhs Elder Daughter in law Rs.4.45 Lakhs Rs.25228 Elder Son Rs.15.40 Crores Rs.4.44 Crores Younger Son Rs.10.23 Crores Rs.3.12 Crores A whistleblower from Income Tax (ITO) […]

Bengaluru a dead city

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 10th August 2016 Bengaluru as it is called these days is dead and in mortuary –Only to be buried in its own potholes. It is an important case study how Netas/Babus facilitated by judiciary did kill a city.   From 1972 or so the city has been taken for a […]

Give up Beef and save the Planet

There is a big debate about global warming and carbon foot prints in the Group of Twenty (also known as the G-20 or G20) and other forums and India listens to western lectures on dangers of coal and emissions etc. So far the discussion is only on fossil fuels and items like concrete constructions but […]

MUDRA initiative Sine Qua Non-for Gold Monetization

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 19th November 2015 Link: Gold –the yellow metal, is one of the favourite metals shopped in India, especially during weddings and on few other auspicious occasions such as Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali (Dhanteras) etc., gold is purchased by us. Even the poorest try to buy gold on specific dates in […]

Dr. Swamy writes to the PM on how Rahul Gandhi may have got kickbacks

On 18th November 2015 Reblogged from: Below is a copy of the contents revealed in the Press Conference of Dr. Subramanian Swamy in Ahmedabad on Nov 19. You can get a downloadable copy of the contents here. Ahmedabad Press Conference Nov 19 2015  

#RaGaSaga – Connecting the dots

On 18th November 2015 Reblogged from : Summary of how Rahul Gandhi may have created a web of deceit to bag one of India’s biggest Defence Contracts: Rahul Gandhi and Ulrik R McKnight were Directors of Backops, which they closed in 2009. DCNS of France, the manufacturer of Scorpene submarines, announces a deal with Flash […]

Sharad Pawar and Questions Regarding ₹539000 Crores

On 17th November 2015 Reblogged from: In Part 1 of our discussion earlier in the day, we saw that SGFX Financials Limited was incorporated on 13th December 2010 as operating at 145-147, St John Street, London, EC1V 4PW. The Company secretary was Mrs Shahanaz Ashraf Bharade and Directors were Mr.Sarvesh Narendra Gade, an Indian Businessman [Born […]

Sharad Pawar and a British Company – a few questions

On 17th November 2015 Reblogged from: Sharadchandra Govindrao Pawar (born 12 December 1940) is an Indian politician who serves as the president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) which he founded in 1999, after separating from the Indian National Congress. He passed 10th standard from Maharashtra Board. He previously served as the Chief Minister […]

Sunanda Murder: Probe Getting Murkier – Part 2

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 12th November 2015 Link: In an earlier article in this site we had raised apprehension about attempts to hush up the murder case of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of Ex-cabinet minister Shashi Tharoor in the earlier UPA government. Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi on Wednesday [11th November] said that the U.S.’s […]