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India Growth: The untold story –Caste as social capital

                                              1. Introduction Indian economy has been growing at a compounded average growth rate [CAGR] of more than 8.5 percent in the last five years. [1].The largest segment of the economy namely the […]

Caste as social capital

Caste is back. It is likely to be part of the 2011 census. It was part of the decennial censuses between 1881 and 1931. Of the 1929 castes aggregated in the 1881 census, 1126 [58%] had population of less than 1000; 275 less than ten. A large number of them were single member castes. The […]

Caste as social capital

Why have the Gounders, Nadars, the Marwaris and Katchis done so well. The metropolitan elite and rootless experts have concluded that caste is bad. They have made it so that every Indian is expected to feel guilty at the mention of caste. Internationally, caste is a convenient stick to flay anything Indian, its religions, customs, […]

Empowering through entrepreneurship

The Government move to reserve 27 per cent of the seats in institutions of higher education such as IITs/IIMs to Other Backward Castes in addition to the 22.5 per cent already provided to Scheduled Caste/Tribe candidates has evoked sharp reactions from different sections. It is considered as part of affirmative action and empowerment of weaker […]

Rather than reservation in private sector Make them entrepreneurs instead

The Government’s focus should be on making entrepreneurs out of large segments of civil society, especially those belonging to Scheduled Castes/Tribes or Other Backward Classes, rather than providing limited job opportunities in listed companies. This will go along way in enhancing the economic and social status of these segments, says R. Vaidyanathan. A DEBATE is […]