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GDP numbers—how reliable?

India’s economic growth for the financial year 2016 has been estimated at 7.6 per cent as compared with the revised estimate of 7.2 per cent in the previous year, aided mostly by growth in the manufacturing sector. However, the GDP growth for the third quarter of this financial year slowed to a four-quarter low at […]

Budget 2016 suggestions – Three simple requests

Memo to FM: An education bank, easy loans to India Uninc, tax breaks for savers – and my dog Since it is customary to give unsolicited advice to the finance minister in the run-up to the budget, here are some. In order to make it easy for the finance minister to quickly get the gist, the […]

Budget 2016—Transparency is disinfectant Part 1

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 24th November 2015 Link: It is customary for professors of Economics and Finance etc. to give advice for the budget exercise and it is also customary for Government to hear but not listen to their advice. But as per our tradition we will perform our Karma irrespective of the […]

Sinhasi Intelligent Investing Forum at ViratHindustanSangam

Prof. R Vaidyanathan talks in Sinhasi Intelligent Investing Forum at ViratHindustanSangam Video link –

Economy growing but not growing – 100 shades of growth story

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan on 1st September 2015 When the first quarter results were announced by Central statistical Organisation –there were a flurry of reports in main stream media [MSM]. Some claimed that economy has slowed down and some screamed that it has picked up. Obviously common man is confused and depending upon whether […]

What Ails Indian Stock Market Millions of Abhimanyus in the Indian Share Bazaar 2 of 2 by Prof Vaidyanathan on 26 August 2015 Earlier we have discussed that What ails Indian Stock markets. Millions of Abhimanyus in the Indian share Bazaar 1 of 2 efficient markets provide the ability to enter and exit at all points of time, that’s about the liquidity in the market. Here we will consider about […]

MSME article for WHEF London during September 2015

Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises [MSME], in the Indian Economy by Prof R. Vaidyanathan Definition of MSME As per the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, the micro, small and medium enterprises are defined as below: Table 1: Definition as per MSMED Act, 2006 Categories Manufacturing (Investment in plant and […]

Prof R Vaidyanathan and Sree Iyer chat about the Stock Market crisis and where to look for the rebound

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan Youtube link –

Global Economic Crisis at MoneyLife foundation

Global Economic Crisis at MoneyLife foundation By Prof. Vaidyanathan on 29th July 2015 Youtube Link –

About World Economy, Society and Impact of Dharma In Sri Lanka

By Prof. Vaidyanathan Event organized by World Hindu Economic Forum in Colombo Youtube Link –