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Indian Economy : Myth and Reality

VIF Talk on Indian Economy : Myth & Reality By Prof. Vaidyanathan on 30 June 2015 Youtube Link –

Grexit – An Unfolding European Tragedy by Prof. Vaidyanathan on 6th July 2015 Summary of prev. article… As mentioned earlier, the Greek Government has to repay an amount of $1.9 billion by end June to IMF and $8.5 billion to European commercial bank by August and it has total debt of $352 billion with a national income of $242 billion […]

Vimarsha on Indian Economy – Myth and Reality

by Prof. Vaidyanathan on 30 June 2015

Grexit implications by Prof. Vaidyanathan, 15th June 2015. For those who came late – Grexit is short hand for Greece exiting or getting kicked out of the Euro zone of 19 members to make it 18. The issue is simple—if you borrow say Rs.6 crores (approx $1 million) from a bank to buy a flat then […]


by Prof. Vaidyanathan

What ails Indian Stock markets . Millions of Abhimanyus in the Indian share Bazaar 1 of 2 One of the criteria of an efficient market is the ability to enter and exit at all points of time. Here, we are not talking about making a gain or loss, but of the liquidity of the market and widespread participation. What the experts otherwise call market timing may not be possible if exit […]

Global Economic Crisis and Indian responses      

Integrating Financial Markets Through MUDRA By Prof. R Vaidyanathan 20th April, 2015. Why the MUDRA Bank is necessary and what shape is it likely to take.  Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Mudra (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Bank amid much fanfare.  Mudra Bank, focused on small and micro enterprises, will facilitate credit by refinancing financial […]

Time to Bid Adieu to World Bank Prof. R Vaidyanathan (Member, VIF Advisory Board)     India has been one of the largest beneficiaries of World Bank assisted schemes in the last few decades and due to this, several health and educational schemes were implemented. But in the life of every society and country, there comes a time to say that […]

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