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Time has come to break the Government hold on Education

By Prof R. Vaidyanathan on 07 September 2016 Time has come to break the Government hold on Education Systematic attempts have been made in the last few decades to completely destroy our educational system. First it was communist books imbibing communist values and totally ignoring leaders like Nethaji/Rash Behari/ Sardar Patel/Savarkar etc in our text […]

Why Mudra Bank is a major landmark in our growth process March 24, 2015 14:49 IST For the first time in our economic history a government has thought about more than 50 per cent of our economic activity instead of the five per cent represented by the Sensex companies, observes IIM-B professor R Vaidyanathan. The announcement of creating the Mudra Bank has been welcomed by […]

Aussie style Supari—pay to get Killed

 What we need is protection, not tips The parents and relatives of the Indian students in Australia take out a protest rally in Amritsar on Friday against the recent racist attacks on their Indian students in Australia make a massive contribution to the Australian economy. It is estimated that one lakh Indian students are studying […]

Higher education is starving–Why donate Rs 23 Crore to Harvard?

Higher education is starving–Why donate Rs 23 Crore to Harvard?, December 17, 2008 R Vaidyanathan Why didn’t Prof. Amartya Sen himself part with part of his Nobel Prize in Economics to finance the Harvard U. which employs him? Kalyan Higher education starves, but a $4.5m gift to Harvard’s fine? R Vaidyanathan Wednesday, December 17, […]

Was there discrimination in education?

India’s success in knowledge-related sectors in the last few years vis-À-vis traditional manufacturing industries highlights the need for more institutions of higher learning that are not governed by perceptions regarding the past. The answer lies in the “enquiring mind” that provides opportunities to disadvantaged sections based on facts and not on myths. Maybe the time […]

Are IIMs accountable? If so to whom?

These are interesting times and interesting times are challenging times. There is a furore among some sections of the elite about the ministry of human resources development’s recent directive to reduce the fee charged from IIM students. Normally one expects lots of enthusiasm for such a step. But in these globalising and reformist times more […]