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FDI in IU–Why this about turn?

What are the unknown motives for a sudden about turn in policy of Foreign direct investment in Information Utility entities under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code? The aim of the [Information Utility entities] IU regulations is to ensure that sensitive financial data of the country stored in an IU is managed and governed by a […]

FDI in Retail – Facts & Myths

  The UPA Government in September 2012 has, by a policy notification, allowed 51% of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Multi-brand Retailing. Betraying the promise of its own Finance Minister (who has since become the President of India) that the policy will be discussed in Parliament before final decision and braving some of its own allies and the entire spectrum of Opposition, the major partner in the ruling alliance has […]

Retail FDI- Creating political storms

The announcement by the gov ernment about cabinet decision on 51% FDI in Multi Brand Retail and 100% in single brand has created significant debate among political parties even to the extent of affecting the stability of this Government. Trade constitutes the largest segment of the economy with a nearly 16.7 % share in NDP […]

Should finmin be run by FM or FIIs and foreign dalals?

It all started when a government proposal on multi-brand retail (aka Wal-Mart entry) was put on hold due to severe opposition from many political parties, including a major UPA coalition partner Trinamool Congress. There was a chorus of protest from the pink papers and metropolitan rootless wonders (MROWs), also called experts, regarding the government’s inability […]

Reforms do not mean just FDI and FII

Whether it is the Pink business papers or Economic experts on TV, the word reform immediately evokes talk of allowing Wal-Mart in retail or increasing the limit for foreign capital in insurance from 26 percent to 50 percent. We have reached a pathetic situation where reforms are equated to FDI and FII only. This shows […]

Retail Revolution to Pauperise Millions

There is a clamor for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the retail trade, which is dominated by Partnership and Proprietorship (P&P) firms. Unfortunately there is not much debate about segment of the economy with a nearly 16.5 per cent share in NDP in 2009-2010, that is, in the aggregate NDP of Rs 39.8 lakh crore […]

Gallows for the Retailer

The talk of the time is retail revolution. It is a revolution which is applauded by the planners,encouraged by the Government and eagerly talked about by the experts. One group of experts feels that without FDI the revolution may not even be of global standards. That is, opening up the country to global and domestic sharks […]

Why Participatory Notes are dangerous

Participatory Notes are a slap on the face of every citizen who is an investor. To invest in shares one has to fill up umpteen forms and provide proof of residence, PAN number, and so on. But for PN investors, the system is totally silent, even on basic information. Why not have confidence in the […]

Remittances versus FDI/FII Hats off to the emigrant worker

It is imperative that the country recognises the important role played by its workers, blue- and white-collared, on foreign shores in providing a phenomenal amount of foreign exchange that is stable and not volatile like portfolio and direct investments, says R. VAIDYANATHAN. The size of Foreign Direct Investment flows has become a measure of the […]

Sovereignty is more important than foreign fund flows

India needs to develop a global strategy encompassing investments and politics. It is time the government looked at security, foreign flows and foreign affairs in an integral fashion and constituted inter-ministerial groupings. Perhaps, experts could develop a geo-strategic approach to our investments abroad and at home. There is a chorus out there for foreign investments, […]