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FDI may be harmful to economic growth

The FDI mantra is considered an all-purpose panacea for the ills of the economy and society. Unfortunately, there has not been much debate about the far-reaching implications of FDI in our economy and, particularly, how it can stifle economic growth, says R. Vaidyanathan, presenting counters to the five arguments in favour of FDI and citing […]

FDI in retail sector — A trade policy for trade

The pan-chewing, dhoti-clad, English-ignorant retail trader should not be seen as `inefficient’ and `cost ineffective’ who needs to be bleached by globally-accepted detergents. What they need is a level playing field, in the full sense of the term, with access to affordable credit and the abolition of inspector raj in the form of harassment by […]

FDI In Retail Sector: Trade Policy Or Policy For Trade?

03-12-2003– In the last week, some Bangalore-based newspapers reported on page three the opposition by local traders to the operations of Metro, the German giant in the retail trade, including agricultural produce. That news item also looked like an afterthought, for filling the space after covering the escapades of noisy and vulgar celebrities. The English […]