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Buffett should learn our ethos of giving

The rootless wonders are agog with ecstasy that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are visiting India. They will not only explore about investing in India but also urge the Indian business to allocate at least half of their wealth to charity and this year is called year of ‘giving’. It is important that both of […]

Religious Revival in China and India Should Leverage on it

The significant change that is taking place in China is pertaining to religion. The keynote speech by the party general secretary- Hu Jinto to the 17th Party congress in October 2007 – devoted a paragraph to religion. He stressed that religious people including priests, monks and lay –believers played a positive role in the social […]

The Craze for the White Chapa!

The yearning for recognition by the White is very common among all classes of Indians. An obscure plumber or electrician from Australia or Ireland gets married to a very well educated urban upper class Indian girl in our tradition in a temple and that is important news. As if that white man’s decision in a […]

Mr Obama, do you have real business to talk with us?

The next two weeks will be full of atmospherics and inanities linked to the visit of US president Barack Obama. Indians are known to derive satisfaction from symbolism rather than substance. When Diwali was supposedly celebrated by George Bush’s White House — a celebration in which the US president did not participate — we went […]

Learning to deal with confused and declining empires

The decision of the Ohio state government to restrict outsourcing for government contracts has created a furore among IT and other business groups. Barack Obama is also bashing the outsourcing industry — and Indian companies. But is all this new? In 2003, New Jersey went down the same populist road. Here’s a report from that […]

Abrahamic civil wars

The three children of Abraham, namely followers of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths, have been fighting and waging war for the last two centuries.Many terms like crusade, jehad, radical Islam, paganism, and kafir have become a part of contemporary discussion, thanks to the Abrahamic hold on contemporary debate.Of the three, the two younger children […]

Foreign University Bill-Gifting India to the west The second Time

The English have not taken India;we have given it to them. They are not in India because of their strength but because we keep them. Hence it is truer to say that we gave India to the English than that India was lost” – MahatmaGandh in Indian Opinion during the British rule a hundred years ago.Today the […]

Should we bail them out?

The government has decided to open up the education sector, particularly of the higher education variety, to foreign universities and a bill is expected to be introduced in Parliament in the current session. It is a continuation of our decision earlier to provide more than Rs50 crore to Cambridge and Harvard universities. For Cambridge it […]

Should India provide scaffold to them? Foreign University Bill

IT is not a coincidence that the Cabinet has approved the Foreign Universities Bill around 100 years after the publication of the booklet on Hind Swaraj written by Mahatma Gandhi (it was written by him in 1908 on his return voyage from London and published serially in the columns of the Indian opinion edited by […]

Whatever has happened to the G – World?

Throughout the seventies and eighties it was globalization[ The G word] of manufacturing facilities that is Product Markets. The anecdotal evidence often told in many a business school classrooms used to be something like this. The doors of the Ford car are made in Barcelona and the seat cushions near Budapest and gearbox in the suburbs of […]