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NaMo’s Year – Rating Commerce Ministry’s 1st Year’s-year—rating-commerce-ministry’s-1st-year – Youtube Link

Interview on black money- How to bring back the 500 billion dollars Written by: Vicky Nanjappa Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 11:24 [IST] New Delhi, Feb 10:  Every Indian would hope that the black money stashed away abroad by the high and mighty is brought. A lower estimate would show that there is 500 billion dollars stashed away abroad. What does the Indian government need to […]

“Small Business Financing: The Untapped Opportunity”

By Prof. Vaidyanathan on 31.10.2014 (click on News Room and go to Video Gallery)    

Sec 66A: Curbs on free speech are part of Nehru family legacy

There has been huge consternation and hand-wringing by legal and other experts about section 66A of the Information Act 2000, as amended in 2008, and which got the presidential assent on 5 February 2009. This bill, and several others, were passed on 23 December 2008, the last day of the winter session of the 14th […]

Media’s low credibility

Recently I had occasion to address more than 500 post-graduate students from different institutions. When they were asked how many trusted the media — print and electronic — less than 10 hands went up. Similar questions in the eighties had evoked a much larger positive response. At that time, some newspapers used to proclaim readership […]

When Society loses its sense of shame!

When Society loses its sense of shame! The release of A Raja the erstwhile telecom minister accused of corruption on bail and the related news revealed the depth to which we have descended. He was given a hero’s welcome befitting someone who won an Olympic gold and in the evening of his release, the report […]

Will social media break the next scam,trumping TV and print

A Lok Sabha member of Parliament, Meenakshi Natarajan, was to introduce the Print and Electronic Media Standards and Regulations Bill 2012.The bill provides, among others things, for a regulatory authority with sweeping powers, including powers to ban or suspend coverage of an event or incident that may pose a threat to national security from foreign […]

Increasing impact of social media in India

` In the eighties when the Bofors scam hit the headlines everyone was eager to read ” The Hindu” newspaper, where it was exposed by Chitra Subramanian and N Ram – of The Hindu. It was print media which was the torch bearers. But by the beginning of this century TV has overtaken print media […]

Who’ll save us from terminological terrorism?

When I was in college in the seventies during every winter the migratory birds in academia used to come to India from Europe/ USA during Dec/ Jan and impart wisdom to the lowly Indians. The white variety is the most preferred but the Indians in phoren institutions were also fine. The talk used to be […]

Media Credibility—What is that?

There are two recent events pertaining to media which has created some storm in their tea sorry Whisky glasses. One is the paid news report, at last released by the Press council and generally ignored by the Main Stream Media [MSM] both print and electronic. The other is the envelops distributed in Satna to cover […]