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Response to NYT for their request for interview on Ford Foundation

Dear Professor Vaidyanathan, I’m a reporter with the New York Times, and I’m writing a story on the recent news about the Ford Foundation. I wanted to talk to you about tax rules governing NGOs and foreign foundations as well as your reaction to this news. Please let me know if you’re available. Best, Nida […]

NGO,s — A Perspective  — Power point presentation link by Prof. Vaidyanathan

Putin’s War on NGOs Threatens Russia’s Future

Reblogged from – By Vladimir Ryzhkov, July 29 2014, 17:48   Andrei Makhonin / Vedomosti The Justice Ministry continues to officially label leading Russian human rights organizations as “foreign agents.” According to a law passed in 2012, Russian NGOs that receive foreign funding must declare themselves as “foreign agents” at all public events and in all their publications. Since Stalin’s […]

Foreign funding and the Maharajas among NGOs

Prof R Vaidyanathan | 01/07/2014 05:08 PM |  It is speculated that a big portion of this money goes to politicians and bureaucracy as a large number of institutes are owned, controlled and managed by politicians and business houses India is a fascinating country. The number of stock exchanges we have, as per official records is 20, […]

Foreign Funding to Indian NGOs

Extracted from :  Very interesting stats and the damaging nature of the inflows…. summarized below  Here is more from this …  

Is India safe–What is Ford Foundation

Draft is modified from the mail written by Mr. Mohan. Await for further editions. Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INDIA SAFE? What is […]

Grants given for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

Kindly refer to your letter dated 30.08.2012 addressed to former Hon’ble Minister of culture, Kumari Selja, seeking reply for Rajya sabha unstarred Question No.3590 for 09.05.2012 regarding “Grants given for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation”

Scrap FCRA and Save the Republic

Introduction Normally reticent and mild mannered Manmohan Singh in an interview to Science magazine during February mentioned that American NGO’s are funding the protests against Kudankulam nuclear plant. He also blamed protests against genetically modified crops on groups which were funded from the US and Scandinavian countries. He said that “they are not fully appreciative […]

Foreign funding of NGOs should stop

Two important criteria for NGOs are that they should be independent from government and they are organizations not meant for making profit. But many get money from the government or from foreign governments. The type of activities they are involved is mind- boggling which can extent from ” aging issues” to ” corruption” to ” […]

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