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Annual Report FCRA 2009-10

It gives me immense pleasure to present the Annual Report, 2009-2010 on the receipt and utilization of foreign contribution by Associations/NGOs/NPOs registered or granted prior permission under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA),1976/2010. This Report contains data pertaining to the recipient States/Union Territories,donor countries and the purpose for which the foreign contribution has been received.An […]

India Should Stop Foreign Funding of NGOs -External link

The NGOs in India form a large economic sector called third sector, that is, neither Government nor private. Although Expected to be value-based organisations, the types of activities they indulge in are mind-boggling. Substantial funding of these bodies is foreign. The motive of the donor nor the usage of funds is never properly investigated. It is also amazing that the number of people employed by them […]

Time govt stopped foreign funding of Civil Society groups

Among the largest members of the Indian economy is the NGO sector or what is known as the Third Sector or Civil Society (other than government and private) in academic circles. Two important criteria are that they should be independent from government and organisations not meant for making profit. But many get money from the […]


 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ON FCRA. Q. 1 What is foreign contribution? Ans. As defined in Section 2(1)(h) of FCRA, 2010, “foreign contribution”means the donation, delivery or transfer made by any foreign source, ─ …..Continue……  

FC Rules 2011

IN FORCE WITH EFFECT FROM  1 st MAY, 2011 ……Continue…….  

A dangerous trend in governance

First the elected lawmakers were involved in governance, then it shifted to civil servants and from them the judiciary took over governance of our country and now the NGOs are trying to take the slot. Can jholawalas who are the self-proclaimed civil society be involved in governance and if so, with what implications? Two recent […]

NGO-fication of Governance is Dangerous

First the elected law makers were involved in governance then it shifted to unelected civil servants and from them the judiciary took over Governance of our country and now the NGO’s are trying to take the slot. Can Johlawalas who are the self proclaimed civil society be involved in Governance and with what implications? Two […]

Judgement of Graham-Staines

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1366 OF 2005 Rabindra Kumar Pal @ Dara Singh …. Appellant(s) Versus Republic of India …. Respondent(s) WITH CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1259 OF 2007 AND CRIMINAL APPEAL NOS. 1357-1365 OF 2005 …….Continue……

Who will regulate the Human Rights Business?

When a group of my MBA students couple of years ago wanted to join some NGO’s I was bit surprised. This was before the global melt down. I was surprised since the dream jobs in those days were from global consulting firms and investment banks. But my students are always ahead of the curve. They know about sunrise industries. They were right. The NGO industry is one of […]

NGOs should practise what they preach

NGO activity being largely voluntary, overheads in such organisations should be minimal. But establishment expenses are often the main reason for receiving donations from abroad. And information on fund sources and use is only rarely available, adding that as conscience-keepers who are the first to point fingers at the government it is vital that NGOs […]