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Jesus as a third candidate in US elections

By Prof R. Vaidyanathan on 06th May 2015 In the last 30 or so years the importance of Jesus in US elections have increased substantially. This is in a situation where Christianity– in the church going /family values sense– has seen a decline. The number of birth out of wedlock has increased to more than […]

Strong leadership is the solution to our ills

  In a recent speech at a CII conference Rahul Gandhi made an observation that our problems are complicated and it needs a grass-root level solution. He added that waiting for a man to come on a white horse to solve our problems may be futile. This is a standard argument of large number of […]

Disconnect of the Metro Middle Class to Elections

There has been much discussion about the low percentage of voting in Mumbai corporation elections particularly among middle class and some sections of poor. The tripod constructed by Nehru consisted of Socialism, Secularism and electoral supremacy. The socialism part is gone with Narasimha Rao even though it is still in our constitution declaring us as […]

Business Modelling the Regional Political Parties.

Some of the political analysts are forecasting that in the ensuing Parliamentary elections the two major political parties namely Congress and BJP put together may not cross the magic half way mark of 272 seats. In such a situation –some suggest that both the parties should form a coalition a la German model wherein the […]

Alienating people from elections

No takers for campaign-ware… The involvement of common people in elections is a must in ensuring a proper participatory democracy in a country such as India. The Election Commission’s zeal to enforce the code of conduct may make for discipline and rigour in the conduct of polls, but it has put a host of small […]