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Radia Tape—Current Position—28-10-2013

Radia Tape—Current Position—28-10-2013 In paragraph 8 of the first report, the team constituted by the Court has made the following observations: “That analysis of the calls of Ms Nira Radia revealed that during the period of interception i.e. year 2008-2009, she had been talking over her phone to her employees, clients, media persons and other […]

Babri demolition: How HC verdict discredited ‘eminent’ historians

It runs to more than 8,000 pages and it contains is a marvelous set of documents on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri case. On the 20th anniversary of the demolition, it is worth looking at some aspects of the judgement delivered by the full bench of the Allahabad High Court in September 2012. The judgement  which awarded two parts of the […]

Why Anna will achieve little with new Bills and laws

It is important for civil society groups and other reform enthusiasts to recognise that Indian society is organised but government is disorganised. Reuters For instance, we never bother to ask about the role of the spouse, father, mother-in-law and extended family members and the local community in relation to corrupt babus and netas. Why are […]

Why Anna’s middle class has disdain for Parliament

The poorer sections are more with Anna since he understands their hurt and loss and frozen anger at the government’s minions and their daily dacoity at their expense.PTI The tripod constructed by Jawaharlal Nehru consisted of socialism, secularism and parliamentary supremacy. The socialism part went with Narasimha Rao, even though the word is still in […]

One government, two cabinets, and no governance

It is an open secret even in the Byzantine passageways of Delhi that the jholawala cabinet is more powerful than the cabinet of Manmohan Singh and will have its way. The jholawala cabinet or J-cabinet – also known as National Advisory Council (NAC) – has many ideas to empty government coffers and bleed India with […]

Dynasty politics is about protecting ill-gotten wealth

The recent finding by Patrick French (India: A Portrait) is that more than two-thirds of the under-40 members of the Lok Sabha are hereditary and many of them are hyper-hereditary, based on their dynasty. Actually many of us forget that since 1885, members of the Motilal Nehru family have presided over the Congress party for […]

So many lobbies in Delhi, but none to bat for India

New Delhi is like a huge five-star hotel, flooded as it is with lobbies of all types, shapes and interests. What is missing is an Indian lobby. We all know about Warren Anderson, former chief of Union Carbide during the Bhopal gas tragedy. He landed in Delhi and went to Bhopal. Based on a non-bailable […]

Why economy is growing despite jholawalas and Wall Streeters

The economic policies of UPA-2 are afflicted by a condition called multiple personality disorder. The diagnosis requires that at least two personalities routinely take control of the behaviour of a person with an associated memory loss that goes beyond normal forgetfulness. The economics of UPA-2 is caught in a pincer attack between jholawalas and Wall […]

Husain & Khushboo

Two rebels without a pause and two different resolves and results. That is the saga of MF Husain and actress Khushboo. When Husain asked for and got the citizenship of Qatar— an honorary citizenship is only conferred — there was furore among left liberals. The usual suspects on TV studios were aghast and upset. There […]

Why two K’s are dangerous for our polity?

The Koda in Jharkand and Kasab in the Arthur road Jail in Mumbai represent the severe issues faced by our polity from corruption and terrorism. These two are entwined in our system to a large extent and one can say terrorism is easier in our context due to bribery and corruption. The other day there […]