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Shamelessness is paraded as Modern

There has been an explosion of Modernism or, to quote a TV anchor, “the sublime assertion of modern thinking” in the last few weeks. One was the celebration by homosexuals after a Delhi high court ruled that homosexuality is not a criminal activity. As if society any time considered it criminal. Society considered it a […]

Impending polls may have pushed Satyam off cliff

The first casualty of any election is Satyam (the Truth). Financial wizards, accounting tigers and company law gurus are all having discussions on the fall and fall of the Raju kingdom. There are debates about international financial reporting standards — since Satyam was one of the first companies to adopt this — besides audit committees, […]

Stop this Humbug called “Kashmir is hurt”

It is fashionable for the bleeding heart liberals {BHL] in India to talk out of turn and use POTA [Pulled out of Thin Hair] data to justify their  rantings. They fail to recognize the thin line between being a liberal and a subversive and often forget the English word called — democracy. The lumpen liberals […]

The mal (l) adjusted middle classes

I wrote in the late eighties a letter to a then-well-known company making diaries with a telephone index at the end. I pointed out that since there were not many names starting with Q or with Y and Z, they should devote more pages to say R or S since, at least in south India, […]

Finance Minister must Budget for Gen-A

With life expectancy going up, the post-retirement phase has become long and arduous in the absence of an effective social security system, and with decline of the joint family system. In this situation, the Government must provide larger tax advantages to those in the 50-plus age group that would be facing retirement. This is that […]

Are inflation figures the least trusted official statistics?

Inflation is the talk of the town, yet the government has no reliable data as the price indices either do not reflect the modern milieu or are available with too much lag to be of any real use. Citing the creation of a personal inflation calculator by Britain, R. VAIDYANATHAN suggests that India could consider […]

Declining Joint Families — Looming social security crisis

  With limited social-security and a large unorganised workforce, social capital — the family and community linkages — is the best safety net for the elderly in India. Only nurturing this capital can save the country from a societal crisis. The population of India was 1090 million in 2004-2005 with an average life expectancy at […]

Stock market panics when politics dominates economics

With Dr Manmohan Singh at the helm, economics, it was thought, would dominate politics. But all signs point to the opposite and are exacerbated by the reservation issue, the speed-breakers to infrastructure development, and the Naxal threats. This makes the market rather jittery.   The stock market mayhem in May has generated endless discussions, most […]

Reservations: Let down by weak data

The Government’s move to introduce reservation in the private sector may have the lofty aim of enhancing social justice. But it is unfortunate that policy formulations with such far-reaching implications are to be based on such a meagre and suspect database.   There is a move by the Government to introduce reservations in the private […]

Toilets or TV sets — A tale of distorted priorities

Even in a reasonably `developed’ State like Tamil Nadu, the demand, and promise, is not for public conveniences. It was always suspected by a section of economists that the development model adopted by the Anglo-Saxon world in the last century may not be an appropriate one from the point of view of the overall well-being […]