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Our kiranas deserve better, including a ministry of their own

Trade, with a GDP share of 15.1%, only slightly less than manufacturing at 15.6%, is an important segment of the economy. More than 125 lakh kirana stores provide a source of livelihood to 16 crore people. Retail trade has grown faster than the economy: it registered a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% between […]

Why the retail revolution is meeting its nemesis

A while back, the retail revolution was the flavour of the season. Experts suddenly said my neighbourhood kirana store was ‘unorganised’. It is a form of terminological terrorism employed by the experts embedded with colonial gene. Once my local shopkeeper is classified unorganised, it implies he should be replaced by ‘organised’ retail, which has large […]

Retail revolution – Trading away the livelihood of millions?

India’s progress cannot be measured by the footfalls in the malls. That may be stepping on the livelihood of more than 30 million small and medium traders. Instead of allowing large retail chains, the Government can try to make the lives of the marginalised segment easy.  Future on the counter for the small retailers. The […]