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Idea of Europe is Dead

Brussels Airport attacks by Jihadists again bring to life challenge faced by Europe as we know. Europe of   Mozart and Goethe and Schopenhauer and Sartre and Beethoven is dead. The cultured European having his wine and enjoying concerts and Opera is passé. Today Every European walks with his eyes turned on his back and ears […]

Transnationals/Tax Havens/Terrorism – How the TTT s destroyed Westphalian consensus on National Sovereignty By Prof. Vaidyanathan on 9th July 2015 In the context of the strikes made against terror camps on the border of Manipur/Nagaland by the Indian Army; there has been number of discussions about national sovereignty and the role of individual States. Actually in the last few decades the activities of transnational corporations aided by […]

Mercy petitions, terror outfits and Church

The Supreme Court headed by Altmas Kabir has extended the stay of execution of the four convicted murderers of the Veerappan gang by 6 months. The gang of four — Simon, Bilvendran, Gnanaprakash and Meesekara Madaiah — have brutally killed 22 policemen including one police superintendent Harikrishna in 1992. One of those killed was Shakeel, […]

Binayak Sen: Convicted of sedition, advising the plan panel

Within weeks of getting bail from the Supreme Court in connection with charges of sedition, Binayak Sen has been made a member of the Planning Commission’s steering committee on health, which will advise the panel on the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017). Interestingly the mainstream media reported Sen as a human rights activist — whatever it […]

Pakistan : Army with a Country

It is important to recognize and internalize the fact that Pakistan is not a normal country with leaders, parliament, constitution, Army etc. It is one of the few places where the Army owns a country and runs it. Army controls the country and owns its Economy. This is an important issue since studies have found […]

Kashmir Valleys problems are not economic innature at all

It is fashionable for bleeding heart liberals (BHL) to offer unsubstantiated arguments on behalf of the militants of Kashmir Valley. Lumpen liberals like that one book wonder Arundhati Roy (who proudly proclaimed in the US two years ago that she had seceded from India since India was not a democracy) need not bother us here. […]

Dealing with Pak Taliban

It is no more a question of if, but when. My assessment is that there will be a Talibanised government in Pakistan within two to three years, after a prolonged civil war. Pakistan is currently a ferocious Doberman held on a leash by the US, and fed with exotic bones. It was meant to bark […]

Enemies of the Republic

Assume that Kasab and other terrorists attacked only the Chhatrapati Shivaji Train station and, say, Dharavi slums. The reaction of the elites would have been one of commiseration. But they attacked the core of Indian business that shook the Page Three crowd. The entire media and State sprung into action.The Federation of Indian Chambers of […]

Let there be no asha for the Pak demon

It is important to recognise the fact that Pakistan is one of the few places where the army runs the country. The army also owns its economy. This is important since studies have found that a large number of corporates in Pakistan are ultimately owned by the Fauji Foundation (FF), Army Welfare Trust (AWT) Bahria […]

China’s Migraine is India’s K –Valley Balm

The ex-secretary of State of USA, Madeline Albright correctly called Pakistan as the international migraine. But she did that recently much after her official tenure. She was not wrong in calling Pakistan by that name, except she was very late. These are the “war” veterans namely “Wise After Retirement”. Now China is having its migraine […]