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NDTV/Prime time show based on my book India Unincorporated

For Information  to watch: Book as a serial: A series based on my book  India Uninc –in NDTV profit/Prime with my interviews as introduction  on  27th[10/30PM]/2nd November[ 12 noon]and in  conclusion on  Oct 31st [ 10/30PM] / 16th Nov [12 noon] – Also  MoS-Ms. Nirmala  Sitharaman   On every day from 27th to 31st at […]

Banks must boost MSME lending – Financial Express

Reblogged from Sushila Ravindranath | Published: Jul 14 2014, 02:03 IST Bank funding for the sector has come down from 50% to 35% over the past few years, leading to dependence on non-formal lending The small scale sector and the trading community had hoped that the Budget would address some of their long-standing problems. […]

India Uninc: Predatory state pauperises families and small business

The absence of superannuation benefits in the household sector and a dramatic rise in educational and healthcare expenses has aggravated the sector’s future uncertainties. Also the joint family system is declining. This gets particularly magnified when coupled with the predatory state’s tax impositions intended at funding its profligacy, which it implements both through the direct […]

Fatcat obsession:Reform India Uninc not India Inc

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his address to the nation on 21 September, has clearly enunciated the need for reforms to achieve the desired economic growth and not go back to the situation obtaining in the early nineties. Unfortunately, his focus is on reforms which are dictated by US business interests and supported by local crony […]

“Unorganised” sector, “Hindu” rate and terminological terror

The reforms debate has taken an interesting turn in the last few months. It consists of, according to our pink paper experts, allowing Wal-Mart in retail (now confirmed with a formal announcement) and the abolition of General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR), so that Vodafone need not pay the tax demanded. Now a third point has […]

Unsung heroes

Non-corporate India has powered the staggering growth of the economy. In the Nineties, there were major debates about whether India was growing, or if it was a mirage of numbers. But in the new century, it is not about whether we are growing, but how fast. There has been significant growth in our national income […]

Stop calling them unorganised

All non-company forms of organisation, particularly in the service industry are termed `unorganised.’ This is ironic since they too are powerful engines of economic growth and often better organised than many a global corporation. One is not sure why India should persist with this colonial construct. In seminars these days, it has become de rigueur […]

Are we killing the self-employed?

The explosive growth of outsourcing and the so-called unorganised sector has seen a phenomenal expansion of the self-employed group. But faulty policies may end up leaving a huge mass of this section unemployable. There has been no attempt to re-train this set to face the challenges of a changed situation. A major debate regarding decline […]

Capital formation and P&P sector — the inconsistencies and adjustments

The share of the government in capital formation has fallen from 41 per cent to 31 per cent, showing that it still appropriates significant portion of household savings to carry on its capital formation activities, which mostly provide negative returns. If this continues, it would create an extraordinary situation, wherein the States will become much […]

Success of unorganised services

The growth of the economy in the 1990s was due to the partnership and proprietorship firms in service activities and not due to reforms pertaining to the government or the minuscule corporate sector. The non-corporate sector dominates the service activities and is the fastest growing sector in the economy. The size of this sector in […]