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When society loses its sense of shame!

The release of A Raja, the erstwhile telecom minister accused of corruption on bail and the related news, revealed the depth to which we have descended. He was given a hero’s welcome befitting someone who won an Olympic gold and in the evening of his release, the report suggests that there was gala party with […]

Parties should bring social issues to the front

From an era of identity politics we are moving towards development politics. The experts talk about the crucial role of Bijli/ Sadak/ Pani ( BSP) in many of the state elections. We have a two by two matrix. Leaders who are perceived to be corrupt but deliver on development front like Karunanidhi/ Badal etc. Leaders […]

More than 20 million Illegals to be made legal citizens by Subterfuge

Arizona in USA is in turmoil due to the legislation passed in the state about illegal immigrants mainly from Mexico and other Latino countries. It says that the cops can ask for papers if they suspect a person to be illegal and also the employers need to check the legal status. The bleeding heart liberals […]

Finance Minister must Budget for Gen-A

With life expectancy going up, the post-retirement phase has become long and arduous in the absence of an effective social security system, and with decline of the joint family system. In this situation, the Government must provide larger tax advantages to those in the 50-plus age group that would be facing retirement. This is that […]

Why the Indian housewife deserves paeans of praise

The country’s growth is largely due to the people’s efforts, particularly the frugal habits of housewives, who are putting corporates and the government to shame though both are cornering the credit for the economy’s performance. R. VAIDYANATHAN says housewives will help realise the country’s dream of becoming a superpower. This is the time of celebration […]