Love and RoP

From WAU–interesting–
LOVE AND THE KORAN While there are over 300 references in the Koran to Allah ahttp://nd fear, there are 49 references to love. Of these references, 39 are negative such as the 14 negative references to love of money, power, other gods and status. Three verses command humanity to love Allah and 2 verses are about how Allah loves a believer. There are 25 verses about how Allah does not lovehttp:// Kafirs. This leaves 5 verses about love . Of these 5, 3 are about loving kin or a Muslim brother. One verse commands a Muslim to give for the love of Allah. This leaves only one quasi-universal verse about love: give what you love to charity but even this is contaminated by dualism since Muslim charity, the zakat, only goes to other Muslims. There is not one verse about either compassion or love of a Kafir, but there are 12 verses that teach that a Muslim is not a friend of the Kafir. – Bill Warner


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