Dr Kamat’s DED hypothesis on COVID 19 Why our Dirtiness Will Save Us from COVID-19?Kamat’s hypothesis on INDIAN SUBCONTINENTAL DIRTINESS EXPOSURE DIVIDEND (DED) FLATTENING THE CURVE(All copyrights reserved, 2020) Dr. Nandkumar Kamat(M.Sc. Biochemistry, PhD Microbiology) An argument , hypothesis and prediction based on ecological, sociomedical, epigenomic, epigenetic and immunological grounds INDIA AND INDIANS ARE GOING […]

From WAU–interesting– LOVE AND THE KORAN While there are over 300 references in the Koran to Allah ahttp://nd fear, there are 49 references to love. Of these references, 39 are negative such as the 14 negative references to love of money, power, other gods and status. Three verses command humanity to love Allah and 2 […]


Apparently today–1st april -2020 is the last day of Syndicate Bank. Here is an interesting post I came across a while back. With bank mergers taking place and banks losing their identity, here is a little-known story of once-private Syndicate Bank, which started with a 25-paise deposit… There are three reasons why Syndicate Bank is […]

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Fake news is a symptom, not a disease Government – in this case, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) is planning to bring in regulations to penalize Fake News peddlers. As expected there is a huge hue and cry among mainstream media [MSM] journalists that their freedom of expression will be curtailed. There is a […]

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The Dravidian poisonous seed was ignored by Nehru clan which ruled India for nearly 50 years Colonial powers do not give up their colonies without mischief—particularly powers like Britain. During their rule, they actively encouraged and sometimes funded two dangerous trends to keep their power. The two seeds they sowed have debilitated India. They are […]

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