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Fake News/ Accreditation and Sedition

Fake news is a symptom, not a disease Government – in this case, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) is planning to bring in regulations to penalize Fake News peddlers. As expected there is a huge hue and cry among mainstream media [MSM] journalists that their freedom of expression will be curtailed. There is a […]

Two Poisonous Seeds

The Dravidian poisonous seed was ignored by Nehru clan which ruled India for nearly 50 years Colonial powers do not give up their colonies without mischief—particularly powers like Britain. During their rule, they actively encouraged and sometimes funded two dangerous trends to keep their power. The two seeds they sowed have debilitated India. They are […]

Importance of Core Constituency for a Political party

Every political party in the world has its core constituency and parties try to keep them in good humor when in power and use them for propaganda when out of power. Increasingly parties are finding it tough to keep their core constituencies particularly if they are not left oriented. The core constituency helps a party […]

Congress on a perilous path in Karnataka

The current CM Siddaramaiah has embarked on a regional/linguistic and religious path for winning the poll The elections to the Assembly in Karnataka are expected in 2018 and it is even speculated that they could be advanced by the incumbent Government of Siddaramaiah—who is Congress Chief Minister. It is pertinent to note that among large […]

Is TN going the way of Bengal?

By Prof R.Vaidyanathan on 06 March 2017 Many may recollect that Bengal province used to be leading in many industries in the fifties and sixties. It was known for Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals/engineering industries. It had huge Salt Gholas in and around Kolkata and Howrah. The first computer was installed at Indian Statistical Institute at BT road. It […]

Brexit – What next

By R VaidyanathanJune 25, 2016 It was a nail biting finish for Britain to decide by a referendum on staying with or leaving the European Union (EU). It should be noted that Britain was not part of Euro currency even though it was with the EU. The primary issues were regarding sovereignty of Britain/ […]

Letter To PM

Caste As A Factor In Elections —UP Waiting For An MGR!

Caste as a factor in elections  —UP waiting for an MGR! By Prof R.Vaidyanathan   When the polls are on, the experts analyze about caste factor and mostly bemoan that they play a role at all instead of what they perceive the “imaginary Capability of a man” which alone should play a role.  They simply […]

Dr Swamy: From Mathematical Economist to Public Interest leader par excellence

By Prof. R Vaidyanathan Every time you talk or write about Dr Swamy –you find that there are so many areas you have not covered about him. He has been a Teacher, economist, mathematician, politician, rebel, crusader against black money, appreciated by Chinese/Israel and US leaders/ dog lover and looked at with awe and worry […]

Ethics Committees of our Parliament: Mallya and Rahul

I am sure many of you may be smiling on seeing Ethics and our Parliament in the same sentence. But believe me. Both houses of parliament have ethics committee and the Rajya Sabha one is oldest. It was the first among the two Houses to form an ethics committee, with a full standing committee status, […]