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Every political party in the world has its core constituency and parties try to keep them in good humor when in power and use them for propaganda when out of power. Increasingly parties are finding it tough to keep their core constituencies particularly if they are not left oriented. The core constituency helps a party […]

The current CM Siddaramaiah has embarked on a regional/linguistic and religious path for winning the poll The elections to the Assembly in Karnataka are expected in 2018 and it is even speculated that they could be advanced by the incumbent Government of Siddaramaiah—who is Congress Chief Minister. It is pertinent to note that among large […]

Prof. RV exposes Congress Party, which is desperate to stay in power

By Prof R Vaidyanathan on 02nd September 2017   Is DM a success or a failure? One thing the Demonetisation (DM) announced by PM on 8 November 2016 has done – It has made a large number of people pretend to be economists and experts. Political opposition has been vociferous from Day One about how bad a decision it is etc. No […]