Why Anna will achieve little with new Bills and laws

It is important for civil society groups and other reform enthusiasts to recognise that Indian society is organised but government is disorganised. Reuters

For instance, we never bother to ask about the role of the spouse, father, mother-in-law and extended family members and the local community in relation to corrupt babus and netas. Why are all these people silent?

When shops in England were looted by youngsters it was mentioned — with a lot of agony — that not one family came forward to return the looted goods. It speaks volumes about current British society. It has become a dysfunctional society.

Are we in such a situation where the family, or the extended family, or community does not carry any weight in reducing corruption and only government and laws can work? TV experts claim that nepotism and corruption are our two main enemies and wanted Rahul to act on it. They didn’t realise the irony that he was a beneficiary of nepotism in politics.

The whole Lokpal/Jan Lokpal exercise has, to some extent, drawn attention away from Bofors, Liechtenstein, Hasan Ali and Swiss banks. I am puzzled that “Team Anna” has never asked for the names of Indians with Swiss bank accounts or questioned Bofors or Liechtenstein beneficiaries when all of these are being argued in courts and in the public domain.

This government has sent its law officers to the UK to defreeze a Bofors-related account. Team Anna should ask for that money to be brought back. They want to fight corruption in the “abstract” – which is like interpreting a Picasso painting. Everybody can have a view and have discussions. But no conclusion.

Corruption cannot be fought in the abstract. “Team Anna” should concentrate on “name” and “form” instead of just Bills and Acts. Anna and his group should ask for the Liechtenstein and Swiss bank holders’ names instead of being enthused by desk-thumping law-makers.

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