Is India safe–What is Ford Foundation

Draft is modified from the mail written by Mr. Mohan.

Await for further editions.

Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INDIA SAFE?

What is Ford Foundation?

Always thought that Ford Foundation was a philanthropic organization involved in charity, until I came across few of these links.

Then I realized that in the garb of charity, their mandate is to ensure WASHINGTON’S HEGEMONY (DOMINANCE) in international market.

It was established as a front of US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The modus operandi is to fund people / professions that can influence decision making and policy making – authors, historians, journalists, social activists, media companies, publishers, etc.

Digging further on this, I got even more worried, when I saw their increasing interest and presence in Indian politics.

Here is the list of Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation

  •  Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer
  • Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana
  •  Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which in turn was funded by Ford Foundation
  • Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice
  •  Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Communication, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years

And you would know, most of these guys are part of Aam Aadmi Party or are major supporters of AAP.

This poses a very serious question on why is Ford Foundation interested in Indian Politics.

Just to do further research on members of Aam Aadmi Party, I tried to find some details on other members like Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar, Prashant Bhushan and Gopal Rai…

And this was even a bigger SHOCKER to me…

Aruna Roy is the one who had sent a petition to President PRANAB MUKHERJEE for mercy towards Ajmal Kasab.. the one who killed so many innocents in Mumbai terror attack on 26th November 2008. She was also part of Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council

Here are some links pertaining to the same

Prashant Bhushan, who we all know for the rubbish referendum view on Kashmir, was also the preferred mediator of the Maoists a couple of years back. Now why would they want Prashant Bhushan?? Did they trust that Prashant Bhushan would show some soft corner towards them?

Here are the links pertaining to the same

Medha Patkar – we all know her for being responsible for delay in Sardar Sarovar Dam. But something that I didn’t know earlier, I came to know when I read the link given below. It says that tribals in Chattisgarh had thrown her out of the village of Dantewada for herpro-naxal behavior.

There were some other articles, which suggested her proximity to Angana Chatterjee (who was suspected to be an ISI agent). But didn’t know the authenticity of the article, hence not attaching it.

Gopal Rai – Ex member of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC. Was president of All India Students Association (associated with CPI (M-L)), which is known for its pro Maoist stance..

If all this was not enough, One more article that I came across and that raised doubts on CIA’s interest in India is the one in Economic Times, that suggested that Government was giving work for Aadhar to a startup – MongoDB, which is funded by CIA’s venture fund. Links to the same are given below.

This really is giving me a sleepless nights. Just wondering, if we have so many anti nationals within the country, do we really see Pakistan and China as a bigger threat?

But then was wondering, why is media not exposing all this? But then somewhere the answer is in front of us – Manish Sisodia (ex journalist with Zee), Yogendra Yadav (ex Journalist CNN IBN), Shazia Ilmi (ex journalist) and the latest entrant Ashutosh (ex Managing Editor IBN7)…   Are they not a party to it?

Also wondered why people like Meera Sanyal (ex chief RBS) and V Bala (ex Director Infosys) joining AAP. Then came to know that Meera Sanyal’s NGO Pradan (which operates in Naxal hit belt) is funded by Ford Foundation. Also, Narayan Murthy (Chairman of Infosys) is on the board of Ford Foundation. Probably there could be his compulsion to align with them given that 60% of Infosys’business comes from US.

We all believe corruption is an issue, but nothing can be bigger that National Security.

We all want corruption free India and Aam Admi Party raised some hopes. But these news articles, really make me worried that by extending our support to AAP, are we compromising on NATIONAL SECURITY?

If people who can compromise on national security for personal gains, will they ever give you corruption free governance?

Like Ford Foundation, is AAP only a front face of some bigger conspiracy?

This time, I was thinking of seriously giving a chance to AAP… but not ANYMORE…

As a TRUE INDIAN, if this is worrying you as well, do forward it to spread awareness. Main Stream Media will not do that job



  1. I seem to agree with all expect one – MongoDB. I am willing to be proven wrong.
    But MongoDB can be used in an opensource setup which is much more open than what is being used like OracleDB.

    Atleast the ppl in tech should have a larger discussion on using opensource technologies and services esp by governments which cannot be controlled by external entities.
    Insisting on all communications within India be withing Indian borders.

  2. Sir, equally shocking results from my research on AAP and Kashmir issue, done from multiple angles including Ford Foundation and US foriegn policy angle. Kindly give your feedback on my blogpost narrating the same.

  3. Prasad · · Reply

    Best article.. i will share with my friends…..

  4. Startling facts really. Is there any possibility that these anti national forces are exposed and banned by any legal method? The way they are getting popularized by MSM and the support they are getting from the ignorant common man is alarming. Is it possible for the SC or the EC to intervene and stop the evil forces?

  5. ravi · · Reply

    i have shared it may everybody read & think about it

  6. kvlnswamy · · Reply

    I would like to get this type of information so that I can update I’m rural villages

  7. Apoorv · · Reply

    Shocked and surprised that my fellow colleagues and close friends who are ardent follower of AAP never listen the fact that if we keep on voting to AAP it would not let any Party/alliance get a stable center govt. and that would be a serious concern of National Security. As we all know that it is difficult for Congress/UPA to emerge as a single largest alliance then keeping AAP in the field would be the safest bet to split the vote and have a hung parliament forcing country to organize re-election. Definitely a favorable condition for both China and Pakistan. Not only economy but also national security is at risk. We need to be more focused on getting a stable govt. this time.

  8. US is like a scorpion and will tyr to bite from both ends. US govt cannot be trusted atlall after reading this article. Our own Indian leaders, NGO and business houses are funded by this ford foundations which has larger interest in Indian activities . AAP party of Kejriwal and Medha patkar are no better then naxalites to Indian citizen and will sure damage the and harm the countries national interest .

  9. Mekala · · Reply

    Why can’t these letters or views to be published or to sent the media…All learned persons are talking at the back.

  10. giridhar · · Reply

    I totally agree with you that we have our own anti-nationals who are ripping india apart and we should not give them the power to do it. I have done my research soon after AAP formed govt and i was shocked with the findings. I equally worried as you are ,because of the happenings and i really expect Modiji will put an end to this

  11. dhaval vyas · · Reply

    I have read about a similar article about the Ford-CIA nexus earlier and their influence in India.Its but reasonable to be worried and think its a conspiracy of sorts.However what i would like to draw your attention to is,CIA is funded by Ford which is a commercial entity.CIA is parallel to RAW(Research and Analysis Wing)in India.America is known world over to have capitalist influence in its approach to world trade.Every world-relation it has ,has to with its business interest.Which is over all other interest.It has to do with their belief and way of life of opulence it has to feed its industrialists and their businesses.So to say a nation controlled more or less by lobbyist in their own nation would not be exaggeration.So is their influence world-over not only in India through their arms like NGO’s ,Intelligence agencies,companies directly and so forth .What this in effect means that they want to shape their influence through their various arms in one of the possibly biggest markets so as to cater their business interests.But it is one of the tools and not the only way of engaging.Its a budgeted engagement without specific result to be achieved as the factors are changing in this dynamic world.However the long-term effects cannot be neglected.In this connected world every-one is connected to every one and some relation may be patterned.Just as we have our business houses eyeing a bigger pie in the world market and developed nations for their growth,so do we will find others eyeing their business houses in our country.The difficulty arises when ones national interest is overwhelmingly influenced by outside factors crippling one’s way of life or independence to decide for its self.So what India can do is just that flow with the world,decide its future,keep vigilance as i am sure it must be through various means,and ensure that the safety,security ,integrity and powers to decide is not compromised.Rather a win-win situation is all we need in the more global economy.No one set of factors be absolute in power ,checks and balance must ensure the wholesome growth which is right for a particular nation(here we can talk for our country INDIA)——-Good article and we must have people like you who should be worried cause if we do not we don’t want to be a puppet ain’t it…)————————————————replied by An Indian.

  12. Sir the blog is an eye opener, thanks for sharing it.

    Please change the theme of your blog and make it easy to read as in present theme lot of effort has to be put in reading the text written over images.

  13. Rishi Raj · · Reply

    But the Ford Foundation was also supporting INC and BJP and few regional Parties of south , how come that is not been informed here , even when the Nuclear bill was passed many MP and there NGO got huge Sums from the very same foundation , why that is not been highlighted , Ooh Yes if there is not Media info then there is no Info at all , Right , what these INC has been doing or BJP for that reason is pretty much the same thing every leader has there views and opinions in Democracy and they view solution to problems in there view , what does this article trying prove here , is trying support the existing corruption and the in capable leaders and their parties which has made this country poorer that what it was , Funds are something like when the party pays the voter but still the voter votes his/her favorite party .

  14. nsriram · · Reply

    Dear Prof. V,

    I second Akhil’s observation that the connection to mongoDB is just a coincidence and the CIA connection amounts to much ado about nothing. It is an open-source product that’s gaining traction on its merits for data analytics in the noSQL space (with really good documentation and training). The first post article has a similar tone. Now the Aadhar project itself can be critiqued but that’s a separate issue. Security issues are indeed important but the mere choice of a DB (open source one at that) should not be cause for alarm unless there are other angles you haven’t mentioned (e.g., if the tech support for the project opens up security or privacy issues).

    The other aspects of the connections of the Ford Foundation with all the above-mentioned persons merit further investigation and understanding. It seems a convergence of ideologies catalyzed by an opportunist and political entrepreneur, Mr. Kejriwal and his associates.

  15. O My God….. The media and congress are supporting AAP knowing fully well of their connections. This article should be translated in all languages and distributed to all.

  16. Anurag · · Reply

    but dont u think that its in US interest to propagate its model of Washington consensus as ford foundation has been doing since the time of 1950s.And washington consensus always has favoured liberalization.But the AAP ideology is inclined towards left and communism and gandhism…like denationalization…opposing FDI…blocking environment clearance.

    How can Ford foundation fund such party…we need to get a full picture of this murky scene?
    I am sure AAP if it forms d govt @centre with congress support will take us back to era of Gandhi-Nehru socialism…..and India will be doomed for ever

  17. naresh agarwal · · Reply


  18. Meenakshi · · Reply

    Very Very good article. You penned very well what I have been telling my friends.


  19. Utpal Sarkar · · Reply

    Good article

  20. These are good insights and I have just three views, two as a reply to your post:

    1. How many of us were aware of ‘Ford Foundation’s’ hidden agenda? Chances are not many, and not even those who took the help of Ford Foundation.

    2. Assuming that you have a hidden agenda which you want me to propagate and you pay me money. If I were in my right mind, I would take the money (free money after all, and then do things which are most appropriate and not necessarily listen to you.

    3. Is AAP the best, No. They seem to be trying to too many things too quickly and even fumbling left and right. So, the best thing to do now is just leave them alone until may be about 3 – 5 months but keep documenting their work and then come-up with a report card. Until then, 3 weeks is too early to talk about a good or a bad job.

    And think about point 2, we all do that. We all take money from lots of sources that we may not like and it does not necessarily mean that we end-up being those source’s pet.

  21. SIr, its really good that you brought all under one heading. Is it not the mafia? All people are linked to ford foundation by one or the other way having mask of social worker, reformer, entrepreneur etc etc

  22. sridhar · · Reply

    great eye opener.. grt details

  23. Nambi Narayanan · · Reply

    In TN almost all the projects of Loyola college is said to be funded by Ford Foundation. ” Poovulagin Manbarkal ” which is behind the Koodangulam agitation may be funded by F F. Plz try to investigate. Again In TN some so called ” ilakkiyavathikal ” who got funded by FF are exposed by a famous write ‘ Jayamohan “. Some missionaries are the via media for them to get the funds. Now one such Evangelical organisation has sued him for exposing the fact. This is for your kind info.

  24. Gopal · · Reply

    Sir, My reaserch around AAP and it’s core member and Core supporter is almost same. They all are Maoist supporter …… recently joined member Kamal Chenoy recieved fund from ISI for kashmiri sepratist…….

    To know AAP Party True Face please watch video

  25. praphul · · Reply

    Sir can you post some official documents relating to these revelations..coz Kejriwal has denied any funding from Ford foundation in Aap ki Adalat program on news channel..

  26. Deependra · · Reply

    Great article sir…….you have done your bit of service to this great nation by writing this very informative article and now its my turn to to do the same by sharing this with as much people as possible.

  27. at_thinking · · Reply

    what if all this is just a political game of twisting facts so as to use them as required.
    All the resources are just articles. And articles are one’s way of presenting views sometimes supported by few facts( may be twisted).
    As far as Prashant Bhushan’s issue of being selected as mediator is concerned, it may be that naxalis needed a good lawyer to negotiate.
    Medha patkar’s work for naxalis should not be considered anti- national.
    I believe many such allegations will follow to stop AAP as elections are coming.
    P.S.- I do not support any party.

  28. Jaisingh Shyam · · Reply

    I would like to share this with my friends. How do I do that ?

  29. Varun · · Reply

    i dont think any facts lie here …. it is simple , we have forgotten simplicity in this season of living … so we have attitude to dig all things negatively and in opposite direction …

  30. Keyur Shah · · Reply

    Looking to these facts common man in our country needs to be made aware. We all need to do the right job. EXPOSE THEM ALL. Jago India Jago.

    1. Abas · · Reply

      Sir, where were you before ??
      When nation has been looted due to previous corrupted politicians.
      Please go to sleep again, don’t need to say JAGO!

  31. Praveen · · Reply

    that is OK, but please explain how are they able to fund us? From where are they generating money?

  32. Abhishek · · Reply

    Fascination article but I don’t fully agree to “We all believe corruption is an issue, but nothing can be bigger that National Security.”. I believe that the national security will anyways be compromised under the most corrupted government Congress. I am not supporting AAP, neither I have any proof of claim that under congress Defense Ministry was corrupted too, but assuming the level of corruption that is infused in the current government, I would be pretty gullible to say that Defense Ministry remained isolated of corruptions that would eventually compromise the competency of Indian Army in case another Kargil happens.

  33. venkatesha murthy · · Reply

    Tomorrow Dravidian parties may demand separate state and they may insist for referendum, these idiots are playing with unity of India. If that happens the prophecy of former English prime minster may come true.
    The aimless members of AM ADMI party members will ruin the country, if they are voted to power. The role of CIA and other agencies are very clear.

  34. Rohan Mehta · · Reply

    It’s not just the Ford Foundation, but two others that make up the CFR trio – Carnegie, Ford & Rockefeller foundations financed by the European and American elite to infiltrate countries in the name of development and prosperity and ensure US/EU hegemony. These three also hold the strings for the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), an important organization that influences US Foreign Policy. All of these are owned by the International Banking cartels that also own and operate the war machinery and have their hands in virtually every industry. All Indian parties have been corrupted by them. This article is incomplete in its criticism of all parties, and that’s either due to negligence or bias towards one of these parties.

  35. majnu · · Reply

    Sir, I think we are nit-picking on select individuals here….Ford foundation also has funded ADR and many other good initiatives…Complete list here:

    If all donations are legal and come with no conditions, is there an issue?
    But I completely agree that if something illegal is going on here, it should be brought out.. Hopefully someone does a thorough investigation..

  36. Why is the professor not talking about the other 225 organizations funded by Ford Foundation in India. Please go to the link, and check the organizations. FYI, any fund coming out of US will need CIA approval, that does not mean that every bit of money goes in for anti-national activities.

  37. Asokan · · Reply

    Sir , do all the magsaysay award winners also fall in this category?

  38. rinku · · Reply

    This article seems to prove the AAP and congress are both anti national and have not named anything on BJP which really make me surprise on the intention of this article. Are you trying to say BJP is not doing anything wrong which shows that your thoughts are biased? Also we all know cobra post in Nov did a sting operation which showed that BJP is running many companies which is to promote BJP & modi on the internet and oppose others which comes on the way. i would not be surprised if this article is also planned for the same intention. BJP please stop fooling people as you also have many dirty polticians and only proving others are wrong will not help.

    1. that sho wanti-bjp u are that u r not willing to accept AAP’s & Congress doings, its abt thm not bjp

    2. Pachu · · Reply

      Ha ha ha.. somebody believing cobrapost stings could be fooled very easily!

  39. ashok gupta · · Reply

    Shocked to know these all, though i was always wondering the source of fund AAP got to fight the election. They are pitching to contest for 400 LS seats and the way they spent in recently help rally in Amethi and the count of luxary cars pitched in (300). i do worry if they are really the Aam admi..

  40. [Ford Foundation President] Mr. Gaither then went on to say, “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is, that we use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

    Read this interview transcript excerpt ->
    You can watch a whole interview with Mr. Dodd here ->

    The tax-exempt foundations have been playing this game for a century now. In India, the idiotic politicians and dumb bureaucrats have been sitting ducks for a long time, first coming under Soviet influence, and now under modern ‘progressive’ influence.

  41. Aman Deep Garg · · Reply

    I could not clearly got the point in this article. if these people are pro US and what is the difference and requirement for US and specially CIA to support and establish this kind of movement in India, while Congress and BJP are their touts and supporting them in every possible way. 2nd point is on Maoists, if they are supported by CIA and US, then why people supporting Maoism are part of this group, do u mean; naxals are supported by USA?

    1. Read Breaking India by rajiv malhotra.

  42. politics- all are dirty. Kise support karoon aur kise bhool javoon ?

  43. Chandrap · · Reply

    At least we know the source of funding of AAP and that why u r raising such allegations. However, what about other main stream parties where u even dont know their source of funding. Wiki leaks has times and again shown how these party works and Govt. policies are influenced by external pressures.Further your own article says that in most of the cases the recipient are unaware of its source (CIA).
    Further just on the basis of source of funding u cant question the integrity of ppl.

  44. Abas · · Reply

    Did you tried to find out any gossips related to other politicians other than AAPians ?? No!! Why?

    All these are gossip news, seems like does not based on facts.
    Its always been a nature of humans to protect whom they like and tell against others whom they don’t like.
    So its not you that speaking about benefit of India, its rather your self who is showing his own interest to the world that your really hate AAP and they should not proceed in politics.

  45. Venka · · Reply

    I see some of comments on the article giving out list of other ford grants used for other than what prof has stated.. my question to all of such people is are we ok with these antinational activities with the grant ? over and above that there really must be investigation on all the ones that are funded and audited ..

  46. This is the information I was searching since many days… Many many thanks for putting this together.

  47. What is going wrong with the Aam Admi Party?

    Lot of tweets and buzz doing round about growing presence of Ford Foundation in India and Indian politics. Felt like doing some research on this. Trust me results have been shocking. It really raises questions – IS INDIA SAFE? What is Ford Foundation?…

  48. Anant Pandhare · · Reply

    Goose berry..! I feel like creating an army of people like during pre independence Ira..
    Making all aware is our job..? Dr Anant Pandhare Medical Director

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