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Leveraging on the Mobile Phone Revolution

Extracted from the forthcoming Book “ India UNINC” published by TataWestland  The impact of telecommunications on the self-employed and more particularly among the poorer groups has not been fully understood or appreciated. Mobile phones have created a sort of tsunami among lower level entrepreneurial groups like plumbers, carpenters, masons, small time construction contractors, painters, cooks, […]

Dealing with Tax Havens

Introduction In the last decade there have been major developments in the global financial markets which are of utmost importance to the emerging countries. The global reach of the off shore centers or Tax havens with their instruments and institutions bring to focus the inadequacies of the existing premises and policies of the national regulatory […]

Global Conflicts –Why Islamists are angry?

Much of the discussion in the popular press on developments in Egypt or Turkey or even in Iran is shaped by two things. One is mostly using an Anglo/Saxon lens and other is categorising the entire issue as part of “fanatical terrorism” or linked to Palestine cause or Afghan war. But the issue is more […]

Scrap FCRA and Save the Republic

Introduction Normally reticent and mild mannered Manmohan Singh in an interview to Science magazine during February mentioned that American NGO’s are funding the protests against Kudankulam nuclear plant. He also blamed protests against genetically modified crops on groups which were funded from the US and Scandinavian countries. He said that “they are not fully appreciative […]

Should finmin be run by FM or FIIs and foreign dalals?

It all started when a government proposal on multi-brand retail (aka Wal-Mart entry) was put on hold due to severe opposition from many political parties, including a major UPA coalition partner Trinamool Congress. There was a chorus of protest from the pink papers and metropolitan rootless wonders (MROWs), also called experts, regarding the government’s inability […]

India should leverage the Gold with the households

India is one of the largest buyers of gold in the world. More than 90 per cent of this is for jewellery purposes and not for Industrial purposes. Table 1 gives the purchase of gold for jewellery by different countries in the last few years. In the past, Indian demand was nearly 30 per cent […]

Who will save us from Terminological Terrorism?

When I was in college in the seventies during every winter the migratory birds in academia used to come to India from Europe/USA during Dec/Jan and impart wisdom to the lowly Indians. The white variety is the most preferred but the Indians in phoren institutions were also fine. The talk used to be on “American […]

Reforms do not mean just FDI and FII

Whether it is the Pink business papers or Economic experts on TV, the word reform immediately evokes talk of allowing Wal-Mart in retail or increasing the limit for foreign capital in insurance from 26 percent to 50 percent. We have reached a pathetic situation where reforms are equated to FDI and FII only. This shows […]

Swalpa Adjust Madi

There was interesting news couple of years before which was sourced to BBC and covered in some of the newspapers. A survey of more than 1,000 men in India has concluded that condoms made according to international sizes are too large for a majority of Indian men. The study found that more than half of […]

Retail Revolution to Pauperise Millions

There is a clamor for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the retail trade, which is dominated by Partnership and Proprietorship (P&P) firms. Unfortunately there is not much debate about segment of the economy with a nearly 16.5 per cent share in NDP in 2009-2010, that is, in the aggregate NDP of Rs 39.8 lakh crore […]