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Religious Revival in China and India Should Leverage on it

The significant change that is taking place in China is pertaining to religion. The keynote speech by the party general secretary- Hu Jinto to the 17th Party congress in October 2007 – devoted a paragraph to religion. He stressed that religious people including priests, monks and lay –believers played a positive role in the social […]

China’s Migraine is India’s K –Valley Balm

The ex-secretary of State of USA, Madeline Albright correctly called Pakistan as the international migraine. But she did that recently much after her official tenure. She was not wrong in calling Pakistan by that name, except she was very late. These are the “war” veterans namely “Wise After Retirement”. Now China is having its migraine […]

Buffett should learn our ethos of giving

The rootless wonders are agog with ecstasy that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are visiting India. They will not only explore about investing in India but also urge the Indian business to allocate at least half of their wealth to charity and this year is called year of ‘giving’. It is important that both of […]

Business Modelling the Regional Political Parties.

  Some of the political analysts are forecasting that in the ensuing Parliamentary elections the two major political parties namely Congress and BJP put together may not cross the magic half way mark of 272 seats. In such a situation –some suggest that both the parties should form a coalition a la German model wherein […]

More than 20 million Illegals to be made legal citizens by Subterfuge

Arizona in USA is in turmoil due to the legislation passed in the state about illegal immigrants mainly from Mexico and other Latino countries. It says that the cops can ask for papers if they suspect a person to be illegal and also the employers need to check the legal status. The bleeding heart liberals […]

Should India provide scaffold to them? Foreign University Bill

IT is not a coincidence that the Cabinet has approved the Foreign Universities Bill around 100 years after the publication of the booklet on Hind Swaraj written by Mahatma Gandhi (it was written by him in 1908 on his return voyage from London and published serially in the columns of the Indian opinion edited by […]

Let there be no asha for the Pak demon

It is important to recognise the fact that Pakistan is one of the few places where the army runs the country. The army also owns its economy. This is important since studies have found that a large number of corporates in Pakistan are ultimately owned by the Fauji Foundation (FF), Army Welfare Trust (AWT) Bahria […]

Why two K’s are dangerous for our polity?

The Koda in Jharkand and Kasab in the Arthur road Jail in Mumbai represent the severe issues faced by our polity from corruption and terrorism. These two are entwined in our system to a large extent and one can say terrorism is easier in our context due to bribery and corruption. The other day there […]

A dangerous trend in governance

First the elected lawmakers were involved in governance, then it shifted to civil servants and from them the judiciary took over governance of our country and now the NGOs are trying to take the slot. Can jholawalas who are the self-proclaimed civil society be involved in governance and if so, with what implications? Two recent […]

A controversy that is often simulated

We in the academic professions often tell our students that unasked for answers are not substitutes for unanswered questions. The article by A Faizur Rahman ‘Islamic monotheism is not under threat’ (TNIE, November 11) in response to an earlier one by S Gurumurthy ‘How did it turn unsafe?’ (TNIE, November 9) falls under this category. […]